Gunman Contracts Gameplay - John Wick VR Style game from Half Life Alyx Workshop

CG writes: Released in September last year, VR gamers who own Valve’s wonderful Half-Life Alyx can play their own John Wick style hunter shooter. It’s pretty neat and allows players to rescue a hostage whilst gunning down lots of human goons. The workshop mod is called Gunman Contracts and modder ANB_Seth is already working on a chapter 2. We can’t wait, because check out our Gunman Contracts gameplay to see how cool chapter 1 is.

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ApocalypseShadow122d ago

This not only looks good as an Alyx mod, but should have been the type of games we got in VR more often to sell headsets. But then, I love action games. Lol. Ad multiplayer options and it would have been a sure win.

If Alyx comes to PSVR 2, hopefully the mods come with it. Blood And Truth or its sequel would have some company.