Battlefield 2042 Cheat Maker Pulling Support Due to Game Peformance Issues, Dwindling Player Count

A Battlefield 2042 cheat provider is blaming the game's performance issues, and its dwindling player count as the reasons for the support stoppage.

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gamesftw250124d ago

Leave it to EA to mess it up this hard lmao

SyntheticForm123d ago

EA and Activision are really letting themselves go; the two giants just don't seem to care anymore. So concerned with making a quick buck that they're forgetting to make a quality base product.

Slow down, make a good, complete game that people actually want to play, and then you can start worrying about selling weapon and operator skins.

These companies have everything backwards.

BenRC01123d ago

I've gone to bfv after skipping it pretty much every issue I have with 2042 is fixed in v.
Great squad play, fantastic maps, it's been honed into one of the best battlefields ever after a shaky start

Teflon02124d ago

So they only want to be part of the problem when it's got a playerbase and bail after they contribute in making it a mess lmao. No better than DICE releasing it in that state lol

excaliburps124d ago

Possibly the first and only time a game's bad peformance is for the better. LOL!

Teflon02123d ago

Lmao now that's an ironic situation

annoyedgamer124d ago

Game is so dead even hackers dont want to play

thorstein124d ago

There are a few. I ran into one the other day. Not as frequent as when they ruin CoD but annoying just the same. Of all the promises they failed to keep, a valid anti-cheat was one of them.

That said, this still isn't the worst game I played last year. That title goes to only one game: CP2077. Guess I learned my lesson. Any title with a future year in it should not be played.

Of the two, only BF 2042 might be redeemed. Might, but who knows.

Teflon02123d ago

To be fair, no game can stop hackers. They can slow them down for a moment but they always find a way around every anticheat

QSPR124d ago

This game is the joke of the decade!!

Shiro173123d ago

I think that title would go to cyberpunk but yea this is close second.

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The story is too old to be commented.