HITMAN Trilogy Bundle coming January 20th

HITMAN Trilogy includes all three games from the World of Assassination and will be available digitally on January 20 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, Epic Game Store and also Gamepass.

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annoyedgamer923d ago

Been waiting for this. Hopefully it isn't $60.

Obscure_Observer923d ago

Day One on Gamepass! O.o

Thank you Phil and Team Xbox!

annoyedgamer922d ago

No thanks Phil. I can do without paying for XBL and getting spied on.

roadkillers922d ago

They don’t need my thank you because they are getting my money. What a fantastic service this has been tho. Honestly, just started playing Mass Effect (Legendary collection) for the first time. I don’t think I will need another game the rest of the year.

Orchard923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

I came here to ask if this is on PC GamePass too or just console, and then found my answer, for anyone else with the same question:

“The HITMAN Trilogy will be available with Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and Game Pass Ultimate on January 20”

These games are well worth a download - check them out!

Jericho1337923d ago

Wow, what a day for GP subscribers on January 20th!

Honest question - aren’t PS owners getting abit frustrated paying full price for the same product? I know I would be.

annoyedgamer923d ago

I would be frustrated if I was having my PMs monitored my Microsoft and had to pay for to access the internet a second time.

P_Bomb923d ago (Edited 923d ago )

Great get, but already pounded them out, years ago in some cases. I’ve mainly used GP for the console exclusives (just got my Xbox last month).

crazyCoconuts923d ago

We already got hitman and hitman 2 free to own via our $5/month subscription to PSN. Hitman 3 is a nice add though for sure. Don't forget GP is an extra $180 a year on top of Gold, so I'd kinda expect games like Hitman 3 making it in...

wheatley923d ago

Not really? It's been out for a year already. And games may come to Game Pass, but they also leave Game Pass. Will it remain on there until all content has been released? Probably not as it's a live service and has already had a year of timed content that has disappeared.

Orchard923d ago

@Jericho1337 I've said it before and I'll keep saying it until it happens - Sony need to offer us a PS GamePass. It looks like they may do that later this year.

@crazyCoconuts "Don't forget GP is an extra $180 a year on top of Gold"

That is completely false. GP Ultimate is $180 and includes XBL Gold (and EA Play).
Also, I play on PC, so I don't even need gold and I pay $120/yr (with EA play)

Aloymetal923d ago

No frustration at all, software sales data has the answer to your question, PS owners keep buying great games year after year if they were frustrated sales would've plummeted and that's clearly not the case. Sony has had huge success selling their games at retail with record breaking numbers.

MrBeatdown923d ago

The first two were already on PS+. The third probably will too. If not, it's already $20 to $30.

What's there to be frustrated about?

SurgicalMenace923d ago

Not at all; we have a better experience because our coffers are full enough to get the best gaming experiences. Frustration is something experienced when your resources are too low to support your recreations. I personally wouldn't even be bragging about having to given something for free.

We're grown enough to make good enough choices in life to establish a source of healthy income. Grown individuals having to be given recreations are not grown at all.

That's what separates children from adults. I'll gladly pay for my games as I do with everything else of quality I engage in. My Porsche, Jaguar, or BMW weren't free either, but they're fully paid off.

Enjoy your free entertainment, buddy, as I'm sure that thrifty attitude doesn't afford much else of quality for you either.

ocelot07922d ago

Nope not frustrated at all. I played Hitman 3 a year ago. Was worth every penny.

HICK922d ago

Honest answer: I like owning my stuff that's why I buy physical. Just not big into subscription mindset and not owning anything. Some people don't care and prefer that. We all do what we want.

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Thegr81923d ago

@crazyCoconuts actually the $180 a year game pass ultimate comes with good included. It’s not extra thank goodness lol

crazyCoconuts923d ago

my bad - sorry i had $15/month in my head but you're right it's $10/month, so $120.

thesoftware730923d ago

Sweet! First the ME trilogy and now the Hitman trilogy.. wow, gampass 2022 is off to a great start for gamers!


Hell yeah! Def buying this, but where's the ray-tracing update the devs were working on?

P_Bomb923d ago

For PC? Still coming in year 2 along with XeSS support, Variable Rate Shading and VR.


But what about for next-gen consoles? It's long overdue IMO.

P_Bomb923d ago

That I don’t know, I haven’t patched my copies in a while. I’ll log on later and if there’s anything new on that front, I’ll post back 👍

Deathdeliverer923d ago

Good things come to those that wait. I bought hitman one on PS4 and although I enjoyed it, I didn’t get 2. Just never got around to it because so many better games were out/coming out. Now I’ll play 2 and 3 for the cost of my gamepass sub. Sadly it’s still PLENTY of games that take higher billing I’ll be playing on my PS5 like Gran Turismo, Horizon, and DNF duel for example. But having this available for any down time is nice.

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