Deep Rock Galactic Players More Than Double to 10 Million After PlayStation Launch

Coffee Stain Publishing and developer Ghost Ship Games have announced that their player count for their co-op mining FPS Deep Rock Galactic has exploded since launching on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on January 4.

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Towers15d ago

It's very good. Grab a group of mates and it's an absolute blast.

Hedstrom15d ago

Awesome game! Having alot of fun with it!

TGGJustin15d ago

Yeah it's probably the best Day 1 PS+ title in awhile. Glad to see it doing so well

Neonridr15d ago

It's free, no reason why you shouldn't download it.

Army_of_Darkness14d ago

It's a great "Bonus" if you have PS+ 👍 better?

Neonridr14d ago

fair enough, but if you are already paying for your online, this is a nice little cherry on top I guess.

TheColbertinator14d ago

No it is not. I don't have PS Plus so the game isn't free.

Neonridr14d ago

for people who pay to be able to play games online, it's free to them. Yes, I should have specified I was talking about PS+ subscribers.

TheColbertinator14d ago


Correct. Not all of us have PS Plus or care to get it after all.

Neonridr14d ago

yep, 100%. I was merely referring to the subscribers. No doubt the player count would go up seeing as it's free for those users. Plus it's a really good game.

refocusedman14d ago

Ps plus is definitely worth it. if you get it during a sale you have access to a ton of games throughout the year for less than the cost of buying a newly released title. Not to mention you can play oline multiplayer games if that's your thing. you really can't knock that.

DeusFever14d ago

I pay for my PS+. Not free for me.

Neonridr13d ago

are you paying for games each month or the ability to play online?

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Ethereal14d ago

Waiting to finish up Divinity with a couple of buddies before we jump into this. Excited to give it a go. Glad to hear it is doing well.

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The story is too old to be commented.