It's been nearly a month...still can't buy Final Fantasy 14

PC Gamer writes, "To keep servers stable, the critically acclaimed MMORPG still isn't on sale for new players."

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DarthMarvin123d ago

So? Play something that's actually good instead.

Teflon02123d ago

Hard to do that when you can't buy it lol. I own it already though so I don't have much of an issue lol

TakeTori123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Oh, sweet summer child :) 25 million players seem to disagree with you.

roadkillers123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Oh, pickled juice woman. See I can make words and put them together too…

I’ve been waiting for Ff14 on my Xbox

TakeTori122d ago

@Roadkillers If you're interested in the game, then what the fuck are you coming at me for?

rdgneoz3122d ago

@roadkillers It's on PC (and PS4/5) as well.

As for xbox, blame MS in the beginning for screwing the pooch on that one. The "no cross play" at the time policy and wanting their own servers turned devs off. -

Nowadays, Yoshida is "positive" on it going to xbox, though they have a lot on their plate at the moment with the recent expansion, new upcoming content, and such vs porting the whole game (base + all the expansions) to a new system...

roadkillers119d ago


“Sweet Summer Child” really flipped my goat

TakeTori119d ago

@roadkillers It kinda flips my goat that someone would get offended at a fairly innocent, non-cussy phrase DIRECTED AT SOMEONE ELSE being a douchy contrarian, considering that someone actually wants to play the game :) Weird priorities there, mate

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TheRealTedCruz123d ago

I haven't played it, myself, but I would assume the MMO quickly dethroning WoW probably has something to it.

babadivad123d ago

Not if they don't get more people playing. The more time they spend dilly-dallying the more time their competitors have to right their wrongs and stop the bleeding.

They are letting the biggest opportunity they'll likely ever have slip through their fingers.

Sunny12345123d ago

Lol what ? Have you even played it? It has great story, plethora of content, some really great and mechanic heavy new raids. A great experience over all. It has everything a mmo should and more.

I have completed the new normal raids (pandemonium), will try savage on weekend.

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CDbiggen123d ago

Crazy, didn't realise it was so popular.

SDuck123d ago

it's the most popular mmorpg atm I think

Terry_B123d ago

This article is outdated already, the game is sold again.

Greg2801123d ago

Only the Endwalker expansion is available to buy. But you need the base game to play the expansion, and a month later you still can't buy the base game.

So the article is not outdated

It's a bummer for people who are trying to get into the game, but it is nice to see that they care more about the current players having a good experience, instead of making more sales.

CrimsonWing69123d ago

I see it’s available on PSN, so…

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