Epic's "Easy Anti-Cheat" Implementation May Not Be Easy For Steam Deck

Epic's "Easy Anti-Cheat" implementation may not be as simple as it was initially expected for the Steam Deck

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BrainSyphoned129d ago

Epic never resorts to money or lawyers to try to get ahead in the gaming space. I'm sure they in no way would ever try to undercut a competitors products.

TheRealTedCruz129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

EPIC is a cancer, pretending to be a saint to gamers.

They, literally, want to dictate the entire American games market and how it runs. Who is surprised Tencent bought such a large stake in the company.

Orbilator129d ago

Comments like yours are inappropriate and are the lowest form of response, referencing anything to cancer is horrendous mate. I get it you don't agree with their practises but come on. Use a different analargy.

Sephiroushin129d ago

Well people are going to see it at soon as they get a good chunk of the market from steam (i hope that never happens but certainly will they have an insane ammount of $) ... Later the complain will come...

Dunno how stupid people buy from them, i was stupid enough to get Outriders from them (was only 24 in my country on release) and a.lot of the time i could not play because it failed to validate my f. Real copy... same was happening with FF7 to a friend and few people online... Always online is bullshit, especially when your server are so bad (that you give a popular game for free and it crash)

TheRealTedCruz129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


The term "cancer" has been actively used to describe something parasitic, or even just negative, for ages now.
You need to get over your personal bias towards using what equates to nothing more than slang.

I'm the one hundred millionth person in the world to use it in that way, and it in no means has me attacking anyone but EPIC, themselves.

Like, I mean no offense to you. But I wasn't expecting a single person to take offense to that word. It's known and used slang at this point.

Sephiroushin129d ago

People refer really bad things to a cancer because its as you said horrendous; they are in no way making fun of the disease if it is what youre implying, and if one use it as it was a joke, sooner or later life might teach them otherwise

blacktiger129d ago

agree EPIC is cancer and why Tencent bought it

b777conehead128d ago

I’ve had cancer it’s nasty. Stop using that for things that do not mean anything. If you went through cancer you would know what I mean

TheRealTedCruz128d ago


I'm sorry about your cancer.

I don't care for the fake outrage though.
If you could get through that, you can get through someone using a word. As I said before, it's slang at this point, and I'm far from the first to use it.

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porkChop129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

How are they undercutting Valve? The newer version of EAC is free. The older non-EOS version of EAC isn't. Why would Epic update the older version of EAC? That wouldn't make any sense.

“a few clicks in the Epic Online Services Developer Portal”

They literally said it would require EOS.

This isn't even just an Epic issue though. BattleEye also won't have support for Proton. A lot of anti cheats won't. Valve should have thought about all this when they decided to make the handheld in the first place. Using a Proton compatibility layer when anti cheats don't support Proton was stupid.

Sephiroushin129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Valve thought about that, you can install windows (can they sell it with windows ? Sure but it would cost a lot more since theyd need to pay for the licenses)... there will be a billion videos on how to do it once it release and licences online are 10$ only or less... They probably are trying to bypass the easyanti cheat with proton since some proton versions has bypassed them to some extend (some ppl got banned!!!) but its hard thing as well because then some idiots could have a way around cheating using the proton code)

Usually games with anticheat are competitive, I actually dont see the steam deck for that market tbh

DarkKaine129d ago

Considering most anti-cheats are borderline rootkits it's no surprise. Windows API hooking doesn't exactly work well in linux. Chances are it'll be detected as running in a virtual machine before the anti-cheat can even kick in in the first place.

Magog129d ago

Steam Deck. I totally forgot this even existed even though I have one pre-ordered, lol

SinisterMister129d ago

As if any anti-cheat tool has stopped hackers from having their way