5 Games We Need in VR

Game Zone: Half-Life: Alyx was a revolution for VR games. That's why we need more games like him.

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SullysCigar136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

Right off the bat, I'll say RE8. RE7 in VR was just too good for this not to happen. PSVR2 launch title please!

camel_toad136d ago

Totally agree. When RE7 came out I played the whole game on PSVR and it was one of the best gaming experiences I had had in a very very long time. Absolutely immersive.

bunt-custardly135d ago

RE7 PSVR - I shit myself at first. Then you get too powerful and overcome your fears with a ton of ammo and weapons by your side.

Petebloodyonion136d ago

Here's my take of 5 game that has to be made in VR.

- Alpine Racer
Come on Vr + alpine ski is a must

- Syphon Filter VR
(MGS in VR sign me up)

- A real Batman Arkham Vr game
They gave us a London Heist teaser with Batman Vr now give the real thing

- a complete tron game (just go play project Spark

and number 1 that has to be done please please, please
Alien Isolation

ApocalypseShadow136d ago (Edited 136d ago )

We may not always agree. But you deserve points.

Syphon Filter. +1. But the team doesn't seem interested.

You didn't mention Tenchu. But it seems that you would.

MGS. +1. But Konami blows currently. Espire 1 should have lit a fire under Kojima's ass and made a spiritual successor to MGS in VR.

A Batman game that should have happened based on the cool experience. +1

Tron game. Badly needed. The Dreams cycle game is not enough.

Alpine Racer. Never played it. But if it's as fun as 1080 or the OG SSX, I'm in. +1

Alien Isolation. I've seen a mod for it. But I'd take a full Aliens game based on the second movie with weapons, transport vehicle, multiplayer and someone on the team saying, "Game over man!"

Honorable mention: Terminator. We need one based on the first two movies. And a future Kyle Reese battle flashback fighting that wave of Terminators and ships with skulls lying around.

My game that will never happen" Macross/Robotech. But, most of the companies including Harmony Gold have made up. Sony even owns the movie license to make it.

Watch the eyes. Namco Bandai needs to get on it based on Ace Combat 7. Give me Zentraedi.

Petebloodyonion135d ago

Totally agree on Tenchu VR (special point for bad voice acting in VR)

Of course MGS is a given but I agree that the chance are slim to none
Alpine racer is a great arcade game (I could have said SSX) but the how how the arcade machine work can give a great example of this could work so well in VR.

Would love terminator or predator in VR

Loved the Robotech series but quite fuzzy about Macross since I know that Robotech basically changed lots of the lore the point it's now considered 2 different canon (I think I read that they finally settle a dispute regarding that and they are trying to fix that)
So yeah would love to see the SF1 Transform in VR.
(and tks for the link seeing Roy and the Pirate VF made me remember how I felt as a kid when he died in the original serie)

Vr game that will probably not happen in the west that I would kill to play if it was made
Mazinger Z Can't imagine how epic doing the iconic Mazin go part would feel

And as for initial comment I think you would be surprised that we agree on probably on more things then you think :)

ApocalypseShadow135d ago (Edited 135d ago )

Lol. Mazinger Z. +10

I still have this in the garage next to my brother's Gaiking
Not sure how I kept them all these years. They're old. Or why he let me keep his.

Yeah. It sucked when Roy died. I like Robotech. And the music change from Japanese. But Macross is also awesome. Most of them. Plus, Zero, Frontier, etc. Macross was just deeper in their story of the characters we know in the US compared to the Robotech change. Yeah. All the companies made up that shocked me and everyone else.

Yeah. It would seem so. Next thing you know you're going to tell me you liked Galaxy Rangers, Dungeons and Dragons and Mighty Orbots. Lol.

Petebloodyonion131d ago

Hey sorry for the late reply cause!
I can't see the pic but by the link I'm guessing it's the giant plastic giant toy, I used to have the giant Grendizer (Mazinger z sequel)
And funny thing cause we never had the Shogun warrior carton pack here.
And never knew that Voltron was part of that.

will really have to look at Macross or Robotech (was a huge fan of the Max and Myria romance and I think they evolved that in certain shows/film)

LOL Galaxy Ranger... If there was a toy... there was a show like Mask, Silver Hawk and the Visionaries (
As for Dungeons and Dragons well I never really play the real table game simply because I know that I would become an addict (never play Magic or WOW for the same reason) but I love the lore and usually play RPG sets in the lore (wasn't a fan of the tv show)

Never really saw Mighty Orbots but was a huge Voltron fan in the 80 and Captain Harlock 78 and 84.
Don't know if they released these in English but you can watch the awesome Captain Harlock movie (and I totally mark when I saw the Skull hull of the Arcadia).

Abear21136d ago

The Sims needs to be in VR. Same with Cities Skylines. I’d also like to see Far Cry given the treatment, along with the original Metal Gear. I can dream right?

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bensonador135d ago

We need Half Life: Alyx 2.

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