Stop boasting about the length of your game

PC Gamer writes, "Nobody is going to finish it anyway."

Kaii919d ago

Website In question gave the latest FC 75/100 & AC 92/100

I don't think It's fair to bite the hand of this studio when they don't even do yearly releases, 2015 DL 1 was released & we're In 2022 so how about we wait for what the reviews/previews show :p

You also gave BF 2042 80/100 so "Lack of credibility is apparent" alert.

IMissJimRyan918d ago

How dare a site can give these scores to society numbers one and two enemies: EA and Ubisoft?

neutralgamer1992918d ago

Quality over quantity and don't buy ubi games is my policy. Too much fluff just to stretch the game. Give me 15-20 hours of amazing quality

jznrpg919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

Some will finish it . Of course most won’t but it’s cool you can get some good hours in a good game if you want to , imo anyway . It’s better than GaaS that never ends and you buy passes and dumb shite MTs .

stefd75919d ago

I love a long game, I see it as good value of money, if Dying light 2 is 500 hours long then i would not need to buy another game for ages

GhostofHorizon919d ago

I don't think I've ever bought a game with this mindset.
You can always go back and replay a game to get the same effect. Playing a 10hr good game twice is preferred over playing a 10hr game with additional 10hrs of boring side quests and/or fetch quests.

Gaming is not that expensive these days if you're not buying games on release day. Value proposition is also one of those thing that you don't have to worry about if you have decent expendable income.

stefd75919d ago (Edited 919d ago )

problem is i am nearly 50 and dont have the expendable incom i did when i was in my 30's. With paying for a house, plus bills and travel to work and a wife and 2 kids to look after, there is not so much money left and everything is going up in price again. I dont buy as many games as i did either. i have finished all my backlog so love the longer games and they are the only ones i buy now, games like Forza, Assassin Creed, Yakuza, RPG's. I got Tales of Arise and Demon Souls for Xmas so they will last me a while however we all have different mindsets and look at games differently. :)

GhostofHorizon919d ago

That's a fair point, at the end of the day we are all different and our lives impact what we are looking to get from games quite a bit.

I'm still trying to get through a lot of my backlog and find that I have less free time than before these days due to other interests. So it usually feels nice to finish a quick game before jumping into something longer again.

That's why I don't think there is one easy answer here. Game length is also only a small portion of the ever changing "whole picture" of life and games.

MadLad919d ago

I'd much rather several truly quality titles than one title that, while quality, wastes my time with fluff.

anast919d ago


I'll be playing Demon Souls for years. I know what you mean.

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SurgicalMenace919d ago

Time is money, and it takes 900 hours to become an expert. Let that settle.

Azurite918d ago

Depends on what supposedly adds to the time, could be generic quests/missions to fetch/deliver things that will take time but won't really add any 'fun value'.

Ashunderfire86918d ago

Its the world building with your evergrowing decisions that is the game length. Come on man, Techland never disappoint us, they give us a feature complete game out of the box and digital release.

galgor919d ago

Oh okay.. so let's encourage developers not to take some pride in their work? Whoever wrote this article is a moron.

CorndogBurglar919d ago

Haha. Yes, let's also encourage devs not to let fans know what they are in for. Let's encourage devs to let fans go into a game without any idea of how long it is. Let's make sure they don't tell us if there's no DLC or microtransactions while we're at it.

H9919d ago

This article will trigger people especially that the writer sound so angry and made awkward examples, that it will come off as unprofessional, but the point is valid nonetheless, there's nothing wrong with long games even extremely long ones, but just making a million copy pasted quests to make the game longer is nothing to be proud about for a lot of people, studios would rather hire more people to make the game bigger(obviously the bigger the game is the more people you need to make it and more was testers) instead of hiring one excellent writer to write a couple of great quests, yet there's a reality that this formula have a target audience, and I believe that every audience should be given what they want, in condition that they don't overshadow others

anast919d ago

A lot of people enjoy the grind and "fluff". I don't but I am not about to try to change other people's fun landscape to fit mine.

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