NVIDIA announces DLDSR (Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution) In Response To AMD's FidelityFX

At CES 2022 AMD announced it is releasing a new feature based on FidelityFX Super Resolution called RSR (Radeon Super Resolution). The company confirmed that this technology will arrive with the new drivers somewhere in the first quarter. AMD FSR is a full-screen upscaling technology that does not rely on software implementation by game developers.

Meanwhile, NVIDIA made a surprising announcement today of Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution technology (DLDSR), which is an AI-powered Dynamic Super Resolution (DSR) downscaling technology that has been available in GeForce drivers for a while now. The DLDSR is an improvement over DSR that adds an AI layer powered by NVIDIA Tensor cores. This also means that this feature will be exclusive to NVIDIA RTX GPUs.

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Runechaz134d ago

How many letter will they add...

XbladeTeddy133d ago

I know right. As long as the tech is good I'm not fussed how may letters though.

CaptainHenry916133d ago

This is what competition does. Can't wait to try it out

Magog133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

They need more excuses to act like machine learning cores are the second coming of Christ.

TheRealTedCruz133d ago

Not seeing the issue here. They're literally just covering a technology that allows people to get a lot more out of their GPU with little penalty.

If this was happening on a certain console, you definitely would be treating this as the second coming of christ.

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DarXyde132d ago

I'm hoping we get Ultra Upscaled Dynamic Deep Learning Resolution Latency Rendered by Backscaled Artifact Sampling To Antialias in Real-time (UUDDLRLR BA START) by 2024.

AKS133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

Glad they didn't use confusing verbiage such as "dynamic DLSS," which would have been adequate for a lot of people to understand what it was just from the title.

Looking forward to DLDSR Type C A-spec and later x_X_DLDSR-Type R Extreme_X_x: Upscaler of the Year Edition.

slowgamer133d ago

Nice. So based on the picture you can raise quality almost with no penalty in games which doesn't have dlss.

IanTH133d ago

There'll be a penalty, just far less of one. BUT, I'm far more interested in the fact this seems to be using DLSS across the board on any game to upsample before it downsamples. So maybe this indicates a driver-level DLSS option may be coming soonish?

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