EA, GameStop lead game-stock decline

This week saw one of the most respected bastions of mainstream journalism make some gloomy predictions about the future of the game industry. In a lengthy article today, The New York Times highlighted how many publishers have gone from being Wall Street's darlings to its whipping boys.

In particular, the article focused on how the industry is currently at a mini-nadir of the boom-and-bust cycle typically generated by the transition from current- to next-generation consoles. It quoted Soleil-Hudson Square Research's Daniel Ernst as saying that his fellow analysts have dropped their original estimates of 2006 game revenue by as much as 60 percent.

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OutLaw5472d ago (Edited 5472d ago )

In the article my favorite part is this
Ernst also said that now, even the most optimistic analysts peg the next-gen platform installed base as reaching only 15 million by year's end. Of those, he estimates that 12 million will be Xbox 360s--and the rest a hodgepodge of Nintendo's affordable Wii and Sony's superpowered PlayStation 3.
12 million out of 15 million for the 360. I say the 360 is going to do better than what people think.

I can't say the same for the rest.

clayton5472d ago

I think the 360 will gain a huge amount of market share, as for EA and Gamestop, they both suck balls. I get my games at bestbuy, and EA just produces sequels, the only game that I like of EA's are the sports games.