'High Possibility' Boneworks Dev Will Release Games On PSVR2

Stress Level Zero developers of Boneworks indicated there's a 'high possibility' that the studio's games release on Sony's upcoming PSVR2 headset.

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SullysCigar134d ago

That would be awesome!

See, this is what we're going to get - all the best PC VR exclusives (this, Half Life: Alyx, Stormlands, both Subnauticas, Phasmaphobia, etc.) that the OG PS4 just couldn't run/do justice coming to PSVR2. And they'll likely tweak for the better as they port them over too.

PSVR2 is not going to struggle for content, what with this, first party games like Horizon, 3rd party games like RE8, indies and AAA hybrids.

Magog134d ago

The golden age of VR starts with PSVR2

EvertonFC134d ago

Agreed, plus with HZD VR2 game coming I get the impression Jim Ryan has told all 1st party studios to make a AAA game or experience of some kind for all VR games coming out moving fwd.

Babadook7134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

Don't forget Asgard’s Wrath. (No idea if that is possible with Oculus owning rights)

ApocalypseShadow134d ago (Edited 134d ago )

I believe that as well. All the games like Alyx, Bone Works, Assetta Corsa, Project Cars, Dirt Rally 2, announced games like Lo-Fi, etc.

With GT 7, possibly GTA 5, RE8, KNOW there has to be a Spider-Man that's going to upset PC and Quest owners, possible Wipeout, possible Moss PS5,...there's just so much potential.

Sony is going to bring back high quality VR and not VR held at the standards of a mobile phone headset. The graphics, sound, animation and haptics will just add that extra level not offered anywhere else. That's that Sony touch.

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Neonridr134d ago

Boneworks was a great experience on PC. I hope this is true.

TheRealTedCruz133d ago

*checks comment section*

Here I thought we didn't like port begging.

Fntastic133d ago (Edited 133d ago )

It's ok if it's from PC to console but not the other way around, apparently.

TheRealTedCruz133d ago

"PC has no exclusives, and Sony shouldn't port their games to PC"
*PSVR2 exists*
"Okay so we want this and this and this".

Fine, but Sony is looking to go big on the PC market.
"No, that devalues the IP and the system"

Just people who want everything in the toy box, but don't want to share any of their toys.