Genshin Impact is the Most Tweeted Video Game in 2021 Twitter Gaming Trends

In a recent report published by Twitter, it has been reveled that Genshin Impact is the Most Tweeted Video Game of 2021

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H9125d ago

And this surprises: Absolute Nobody

antikbaka125d ago Show
Teflon02125d ago

The games content is forever "leaked" because they want to act like making betas for updates public shouldn't get leaked. That's majority of the stuff than weird shipping culture and half the artwork is just disturbing. Then on top of it, the Genshin streamers and youtubers act like a bunch of 5 year Olds and starting crying about one another lol.

As someone who plays it, everything surrounding the game is embarrassing lol

Suave_Langosta124d ago

I hate the world post twitter activation.