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CG writes: Let’s get this out there right away shall we. A lot of people loved Cyberpunk 2077, ourselves included (see our updated one year later review here). Yet, due to gamer high expectations pre-release, CDPR not being clear on the final offering, a lot of bugs and terrible performance on last gen systems Cyberpunk 2077 received a mixed response from gamers and gaming press alike. However, despite being fans of CDPR’s game, we’re not blind to the fact it could have been better in many ways. One of those is the interaction main character V has with not only the NPCs of Night City, but basic things like side-activities allowing players to feel more immersed in the fantastic world CDPR created. Cue then lots of mods from the PC community where things like a metro system, additional billboards and even gameplay rebalancing have surfaced. However, the latest offering from Ralf (the developer of VorpX) has gotten us all dizzy again. He released a standalone Cyberpunk 2077 VR profile for FREE and we’re very impressed with how it turned-out especially as we tried a VorpX profile early last year where it showed promise but was barely playable.

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bensonador125d ago

Eh, Cyberpunk VR is great idea but they need to fix everything on that game first.

thorstein123d ago

It's been 400 days CDPR. Why hasn't this game been fixed?