Phil Spencer Advocates For Cross-Platform Bans Against Toxic Users

Microsoft and Phil Spencer are in favor of cross-platform bans, giving toxic players no room to hide in an ideal gaming future.

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Jin_Sakai128d ago

While you’re at it let us console owners opt out of matchmaking with PC players. We shouldn’t be forced to play with a massive cheating PC crowd that it is.

TheRealTedCruz128d ago

Because cheating doesn't exist on console. It's just PC.
We'll just keep sticking to that narrative for a console-centric audience.

Jin_Sakai128d ago

“Because cheating doesn't exist on console. It's just PC.”

It’s far worse on PC and it’s just adding to what cheaters already exist on consoles.

TheRealTedCruz128d ago


I just find it funny I'm mostly a PC player, actively play multiple online games, and almost never run into these issues; though you ask most console only players, and they're so unlucky that PC (only PC cheaters) are ruining every other match they're on.

Repjaws128d ago

Maybe instead of going "I've never experienced it so it doesn't exist". Try asking him what games he plays and if they intersect with the games you play. I'm primarily a PC player and there is 100% a hacking problem with Warzone.

TheRealTedCruz128d ago


The guy who didn't explicitly state the games he was talking about, and just made a blanket statement about PC players?

Makes sense when you don't think about it.

Jin_Sakai128d ago


Thanks. I’m referring to Halo Infinite. I’ve watched more than a few replays with what I’d assume is cheating. There’s some pretty sketchy stuff happening lately.

“Cheaters are already ruining Halo Infinite multiplayer games”

“This behavior-based system clearly isn’t working well yet, and cheat providers are advertising tools that include aimbots, wallhacks, infinite ammo, infinite abilities, infinite grenades, rapid fire mods, speed hacks, and even the ability to jump up to five times higher.”

anubusgold128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Yeah bungie had a huge fight with hackers on consoles with Halo matchmaking. And Cod players get banned on consoles all the time for cheating you can find all the cheaters used consoles at pawn shops. Consoles have all types of modded aim bot controllers you can buy to say their are no cheaters on consoles is a joke. Oh and bad company 2 there was a kill everyone on the map with a knife cheat that was on console as well.

anubusgold128d ago

@Jin_Sakai But PC has manual bans from the server from the admins, consoles have to wait for the developers to do something about it.

DigitalDaniel127d ago

Because cheating on PC is more common and far more advanced than your typical Cronus cheats.
Consoles can't run unsigned code. So wallhacks, perfect aimbots, invincibility and other elaborate cheats is not something you see on consoles. Unless it's a crossplay game where the cheater is on PC.
Cheating is bad no matter what platform you're on, but PC cheats are the worst. There's no point in denying that.

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EvertonFC127d ago

played some 2k PGA golf the other day and they were hitting it 450 plus yards with the driver, I have the best driver in the game and cant hit that unless down hill massively.
Ruins the games this crossplay BS, does anyone actually notice quicker match making times for crossplay? Rocket League matchmaking is actually slower since crossplay.

brewin127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

Cmon folks, there are many other reasons console players should be able to opt out of playing against PC players online. Its not just about cheating. I think PC players have an unfair advantage in games like Halo. Theres usually less input lag on PC and clearly a mouse and keyboard gives PC players a significant advantage when it comes to aim speed.

Clearly there are tons of cheaters on console and PC. It will never go away fully, some people just gonna cheat their way no matter what! Why does everything have to devolve so fast in the gaming community!?

Jin_Sakai127d ago

We need the ability to opt out from playing against PC players. End of story.

“Xbox players are fed up with forced crossplay against PC gamers”

“Xbox players can’t escape some PC cheaters”

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garos82128d ago

oh be quiet you authoritarian numpty. focus on your awful platform and give your userbase games

jlove4life128d ago

Who made him dictator of gaming get Xbox in line and let Nintendo and Sony handle their platform just my opinion

anubusgold128d ago

Sony and nintendo never do any improvements to their online system until the player base puts them on blast about it.

Mr_cheese128d ago

We can all agree that competition pushes innovation and change but your assumption that they NEVER do improvements is tosh.

Let's not be biased in our opinions.

anubusgold127d ago (Edited 127d ago )

@Mr_cheese Nintendo still does friend codes and sony when their system goes down its down 3 times longer than xbox an their updates installs are slow as hell as well its been that way for years.

Godmars290127d ago

And MS are chiefly responsible for the toxic online gaming community they now want to police. Have repeatedly been against SP, and whenever they've gotten hold of a SP IP have introduced MP elements into it.

FinalFantasyFanatic127d ago

Not really, they do make improvements, although I'll agree Nintendo is kinda ass backwards with it's online service (I still don't understand why they made the choices they make).

I actually feel like the toxicity wasn't much of a thing till Xbox entered the fray, especially from the 360/PS3 gen onwards.

Mr_cheese127d ago


It sounds like you are cherry picking to your agenda which makes a true conversation hard. Be objective and look at the bigger picture.

Microsoft pushed the expectation of online gaming, amazing.

Sony introduced a tonne of integrated share options.

They both look at each others improvements and follow suite

coolbeans127d ago


-"And MS are chiefly responsible for the toxic online gaming community they now want to police."

Uh what? By pushing online gaming on consoles? Are you going to throw some shade at Al Gore for general online toxicity as well? The moment anonymity was going to exist in this interconnected world, it was a given that it'd bring out the worst in some people.

-"Have repeatedly been against SP, and whenever they've gotten hold of a SP IP have introduced MP elements into it."

How does this logically track? Being "against" SP suddenly means you're harboring toxic online communities?By this logic, you can expect perfect harmony among Ninty's & Sony's online communities which isn't the case either.

lodossrage127d ago


nobody is perfect. No need to cherry pick.

But since you want to rag on Nintendo for the friend codes and sony for long downtimes, how about we give you a microsoft gripe too:

Xbox Live goes down more often than psn:

Teflon02127d ago

Sorry but the truth is Xbox IS the beginning of toxicity. Not because of MS. UT was the 360 players. Everyone was toxic af. I see people crying about ps4/5 fans and I scratch my head because it was nothing like 360 fanboys. They were beyond toxic. And in online games it was even worse. I remember youtubers use to legit say they play on Xbox because the community is toxic so stuff like trolling and making YouTube videos is easy while on Playstation you have to actually be a complete asshole and most times they'll mute you without responding. I legit haven't had a toxic experience online on ps3 for the years I've had it and I played online the most in that Era. When I played 360 online the little I did on my bros, and my friends. Man, it was madness.

That exactly MS fault? Nope, but it was their fans that started the whole thing. That's where the console war really got toxic too. Ps fans were going bullied even with the great games ps3 had lol

anubusgold127d ago

@Godmars290 Their are racist on psn yelling in the mic as well. At least xbox has group chat so most people dont even chat in games anymore they stay in their friends group chat not the game now.

NotoriousWhiz127d ago

First of all, Sony makes plenty of improvements to their system. Nintendo does what they want when they want. Toxicity has always been a thing on the internet. It's not at all unique to gaming.

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anubusgold126d ago

@Chevalier They got it years later after the xbox 360 had it first.

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