Xbox Series X|S Has Outsold All Previous Xbox Consoles At This Point In Their Life Cycles

The demand is still outpacing the supply, however.

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Petebloodyonion688d ago

Interesting to read that according to Xbox, the problem of shortage for PS5 and Serie X isn't the diminution of the offer but the augmentation of the demand that is creating the situation we're living in.

ToddlerBrain688d ago

That’s a long way of saying bots.

roadkillers687d ago

Well bots are just the scalping issue. The bigger issue isn’t just the chip shortage either, it is globalization of these products. More countries purchase these products than in the past

darthv72688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

The S is available and seems to be selling as a last resort but demand for the X is sure holding steady. I hope this year I can get one without being beaten to the punch by damn scalper bots.

Lexreborn2688d ago

I don’t know if you live in America but GameStop has had the all access series X pretty steady. You just have to be approved for the credit line. And they send you a series X with 2 years gamepass. I just paid mine off this month. Got it last March

VersusDMC688d ago

Well people maybe don't want that as they make you buy 2 years of Gamepass...so an extra 300 dollars. At least in canada. 599 just for the system and you pay 959 for All access series X.

Petebloodyonion688d ago

I'm pretty sure that ppl who subscribe to the Xbox all-access plan will be prioritized versus the average joe since it's locked you with Gamepass for 2years thus making more money for Microsoft and Gamestop.

CBaoth688d ago

Don't even need to do the credit card 2 yr plan anymore. Just bought a series X last week at GameStop for $700. They make you buy a $50 gift card and copies of NBA2K22 and COD. Awful games but at least you can re-sell'em.

VersusDMC688d ago

They should have just done a Series X digital only system. I would have picked up one if it was available as it will be a gamepass and digital BC game machine for me. I will get third party physical on PS5. People clearly know the S is inferior and doesn't have the same demand.

But maybe Microsoft don't sell the S at a loss and are making a killing on it so maybe it was the right move?

Petebloodyonion688d ago

"People clearly know the S is inferior and doesn't have the same demand."
I doubt that's the case because the same could have been said when MS and Sony introduced the one X and pro models last generation. But the oneS and the vanilla Ps4 still sold better compared to upgraded SKU. For me, I believe that the digital-only factor might be the real reason why it's selling less SKU since digitals only consoles never really sold well, and let me ask you this how come retail stores barely received PS5 digital consoles versus the premium model?

neutralgamer1992688d ago

Xbox series s is available at retail

Xbox series X is Available mostly in bundles or through Walmart/target. What's really telling is the fact scalpers are having issues selling this console for $600( on Facebook marketplace and offer up Xbox series X's are available for $585)

Now on to digital PS5's I don't even believe those are real 😂 never seen one selling. It seems Sony makes very limited numbers currently

PS5's demand has cooled off too(I am only talking about 2nd hand market) now a PS5 can be had for around $700

Hopefully by middle of this year some of these consoles start appearing on store shelves (GameStop managers I have spoken with have said there is definitely more supply now but these consoles won't be sitting on any stores shelves due to the FOMO culture)

"Fear of missing out"

darthv72688d ago

Ive been watching the 2nd hand market and while prices are coming down, they are not to the point where scalpers would leave the market.

They still manage to grab lions share of consoles and sneakers and pc parts. It sucks but being patient will eventually pay off.

neutralgamer1992688d ago

I don't know man but Xbox series X's are available for under $600 (still not retail but at least not $900-$1000)

Ps5 prices have definitely come down to because now we see retailers are doing more and more drops. Scalpers on Facebook and offer up are having issues selling for $700. Because I see many listed for upwards of week or more

Petebloodyonion688d ago (Edited 688d ago )

I think we can agree that the supply has been more constant recently
I have bought my Ps5 a couple of weeks back when entered a Bestbuy in the morning (I was actually going to buy a Logitech Trueforce wheel). They were just there with a salesman making sure we only grabbed 1 console, no special bundle just the console. I went to Gamestop to say to the clerk that is my friend that some consoles were available at Bestbuy and he told me that had some to sell as well.

Mr_Luke688d ago

I got 2 Series X in 2 different days without problems, you could buy it online from GameStop and in the shop too. And it's still available if you buy it in the shop. But that's just Italy, no idea if in other zones is the same.

jznrpg687d ago

GameStop emails me about the X , it’s at stores near you etc . I just don’t want it

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shadowT688d ago

Xbox Series S is available in most stores, Xbox Series X is more difficult to find.

got_dam688d ago

That's actually pretty good. When the 360 released it sold great for a while. There was some shortages there too, but only for a few months. All these shortages may have the impact of a long console cycle seeing as the first year might as well have not happened. The install base is just so low right now.

darthv72688d ago

It was also a different time with no twitter or fb or advanced ai software. The landscape changed so radically that this is what we have to look forward to for future generations.

got_dam687d ago

Absolutely. No arguing against that. At least we have NFTs now. ... ... bruh.

Obscure_Observer688d ago

That´s awesome news and just further proof that Phil not just saved the Xbox brand, but also made it better than ever!