Franchise Narrative Director Wants to Know BF2042 Roadmap Too, Will Do "Damndest" to Right Things

It looks like even the Battlefield franchise's Narrative Director doesn't know the Battlefield 2042 roadmap, says he wants to make things right.

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shaenoide126d ago

No problem at all... Bring back Rush at least :/

BenRC01126d ago

I've gone back to bfv. It's better in every single way.

-Foxtrot126d ago

Too late man...once again

excaliburps126d ago

What's interesting here is, someone who works on the franchise does NOT know what the roadmap is. That's surreal! LOL!

pr33k33126d ago

when even a director doesn't know the roadmap. what's going on with this game.

BenRC01125d ago

They polished 5 to a gem eventually after a rocky start, but rather than build on that they threw out everything that makes a good bf game and started from scratch. It's like a crappy unfinished realism mod.

sourOG126d ago

LOL! Obvious lack of leadership. How long until Vince zampella runs EA?

Pudge102888126d ago

VZ was good in COD but I believe he’s going to try and make BF like Apex and COD with Heroes

sourOG126d ago (Edited 126d ago )

But at least they will have a roadmap lol

Pudge102888126d ago

They (EA/Dice) have no idea what their doing and not even a backup plan if it failed… SMDH. The only way to revive this shit show is to take it back to its roots, if not, Bye BF

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