Spec Analysis: PlayStationVR 2 - a shot in the arm for high-end virtual reality gaming

From Digital Foundry: "We've known it's coming for some time. Initial press and controller imagery from Sony was swiftly augmented by leaked specifications, now fully fleshed out via an announcement from Jim Ryan himself at CES 2022, along with more details from the PlayStation Blog. PlayStationVR 2 is now official and it's looking hugely exciting. In fact, from our perspective, high-end VR gaming in general needs a shot in the arm in a world where the mobile-based Oculus Quest 2 reigns supreme and the success of PlayStationVR 2 is our best chance of this happening.

The specs reveal a headset that pushes back boundaries in many directions, building significantly upon the successes of the first PSVR, radically improving screen fidelity, boosting immersion and ridding the platform of the complicated set-up that proved so frustrating for PS4 owners. On that latter point, PSVR2 should literally be plug and play: there's no breakout box, no external camera, no mixture of various USB and HDMI cables - everything is routed through USB-C, meaning that PSVR2 should simply plug directly into the front of the console and you're good to go."

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waverider129d ago

Yeah. One of the good things, beside the specs, is that is much easier to start playing. Much less stuff and cables... Lets just wait for the price, how it looks and Games.

SullysCigar129d ago

I think a lot of people aren't quite realising the potential leap PSVR2 could bring. The specs, controllers and (what we know of) the games all make for a really exciting prospect.

frostypants129d ago

On paper it's a game changer. Really curious as to the price point though.

Eonjay129d ago

This is a generational leap and more like two leaps instead of one. The improvement will be greater than the leap from PS4 to PS5. With foveated rendering and improved screen it's gonna be downright staggering. The graphics should be able to rival PS5 games in perceptual fidelity and could potentially pass it.

Army_of_Darkness128d ago

I'm guessing $499.
I think Sony is gonna go all out with this one! The first psvr was clearly to test out the waters and interest.. Sony sees the potential and I personally can't wait! Hopefully I can get a ps5 soon!

Neonridr128d ago

for people that have never tried VR or maybe were limited to PSVR1, they are going to be in for a huge awakening.

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Neonridr128d ago

being one simple cable to plug in is huge. No fuss, just pull out the headset and controllers and then away you go. Not that PSVR1 was complicated once you did the initial setup, however this is so much easier

joaovictorop128d ago

My question is: will the PSVR2 come with a cable with a USB-C connector at both ends OR will the cable be stuck to the PSVR2? Me and everyone else would prefer a cable that could be disconnected and even replaced with a bigger one.

Neonridr128d ago

@joaovictorop - I wouldn't see the point of having a cable that could undo at the headset end, it's not like a Quest where there is a wireless option. My guess is it will be hardwired in. You can always use an extender cable should you need more length.

Orbilator128d ago

Yeah I wondered why they stuck that USB c on front of playstation, but guess we know now. Lol

Brazz128d ago

I think it will look just like PSVR, i mean, it's the most confortable VR headset a long shot! Sony should continue with PSVR desing, it's the best in the market and they created it.

128d ago
Neonridr128d ago

I find the construction helmet design a little uncomfortable on the back of my head where it tightens. The original Rift was extremely comfortable to wear for long sessions. I'm totally used to my Index but it doesn't feel as good as that CV1 Rift.

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Einhander1971129d ago

Time for VR to really shine, what with the new Unreal engine, the power of PS5. This headset is going to blow our minds!!

Magog128d ago

PSVR2 will be remembered as when VR took over the mainstream.

128d ago
Pudge102888129d ago

What we really want to know is if its BC. I know a lot of ppl including myself didnt get the first one but have a bunch of games for it.

Bathyj129d ago

Don't get your hopes up. I think that would be incredibly complicated. The headsets aren't the same at all.

pietro1212129d ago

Do you think we'll see VR ports and remasters? I'd double for a ps5 VR 2 compatible version of RE7.

Fishy Fingers129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

I cant see why it would be, even if they have to run in a "legacy mode" without any of the new features (unless added).

Deathdeliverer129d ago

I think it will be backwards compatible. Think about it. You really think it makes good business sense to force people to hold on to TWO different headsets? Then on top of that have people buy the PSVR2 and have the talks about how you “expect to have at least 15 titles by Christmas”? Or do you think they’d rather say “we have over 200 titles available today ready to be played in the best quality ever with 15 next gen VR titles being available by Christmas.”
It will undoubtedly be backwards compatible.

RauLeCreuset129d ago

People are saying the differences in tracking and controllers won't allow for BC, but is that an insurmountable obstacle if PSVR2 tracking and controllers can't be used as a substitute for older games? The Move controllers are not native to PSVR. What would prevent enabling PSVR backward compatibility by using Move controllers with a camera hooked up to the PS5 for external tracking?

Babadook7129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

In terms of translating head tracking every original psvr game should work just fine. Move wand control also will work with the vr2 senses. As for a game that needs the DualShock 4 motion, that’s the only real challenge. Maybe ps vr2 will be able to take in the old camera (it does have an adapter) for these legacy games and use a dual shock 4? Or maybe the in out tracking on the new headset can see the dualsense?

Yang_kai129d ago

Hopefully all the psvr games need to run on psvr2 is a controller patch also you got games that gives you the option to use remote controller 🤷🏿

Neonridr128d ago

headsets are glorified monitors. The headset positions and controller positions are reported in X, Y, Z. Doesn't matter if it's using move lights or IR emitters. Still sends back the same information.

Outside of adapting new controls and allowing for roomscale, I don't see why it would be too hard. At the bare minimum it could just be a straight translation with zero enhancements. If the devs want to go the extra mile they can add in extra functionality.

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Petebloodyonion129d ago

I strongly hope for BC but the article makes a valid point about why it won't.
Mainly the move controllers are so different compared to the new VR controller just in terms of buttons layout
The move doesn't have an analog stick and features 6 buttons on each controller while the new controller only has 4 buttons with an analog stick so there's already a problem for button layout unless the game is patched.

Rhythmattic128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

I believe it will be BC compatible..... Already is... Right?
Ive got the adaptor for PSVR1 to connect to a PS5, which , of course , a PS5 I don't have.....

Point is... I bought PSVR games for my PS4 that will work on a PS5...

To think it'll be just as simple as cut and paste, lets hope so..... But... its just like to be upset when a PS3 game work run natively on a PS4.. if you get my drift.

waverider128d ago

Nope. Bc isnt a thing. What gamers want are games that take advantage of new tech of the PSVR 2 and not old games. If it play ok, but if it doesnt its barely an incovinience. What gamers what is to play the new GT on VR, Horizon VR and new games powered by the ps5.

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pietro1212129d ago

I skipped VR1, but Im interested in the PS VR2. I just wonder what the price will be set at. Anyone think that the device can cost as much as a ps5?

lonewolf10129d ago

That price point will be interesting to see, it does have a lot of tech/specs.

DarthMarvin128d ago

The original started at $299 USD, so I reckon it'll be about the same. $399 would be a tough sell.

Outlawzz129d ago

I'm just hoping it's not too expensive and that I can purchase a ps5 normally by the time it releases. Those are my main concerns, and from the specs I can already tell it's a winner.

Sony is generally good when it comes to quality so I don't have much doubt they'll pull off a high quality experience. Psvr was a great start and they did what they could with the tech so they already won me on that front.

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