Monster Hunter Rise (PC) review: every bit as great as Monster Hunter World - RPS

From RPS: "For the most part, though, Monster Hunter Rise is another stonking addition to the series, and in my books a more than worthy successor to Monster Hunter: World. There's a generous and playful sense of freedom here that keeps combat and exploration feeling fresh, and the momentum of its hunting-led missions means you're rarely spinning your wheels as you seek out that last elusive armour part. It's kept me playing much longer than I ever did with World, and I can't wait to see how it develops with its imminent Sunbreak expansion later this summer."

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pietro1212389d ago

Wish the PC allowed us to transfer our Switch file. I want thePC version, but I don't want to start over.

got_dam389d ago

Cross save would be great. This is the kind of game I would make heavy use of that feature.

pietro1212389d ago

Maybe we'll see it in a update or future title