Play Doom in Minecraft with DOOMED: Demons of the Nether

DOOMED: Demons of the Nether is an ambitious, newly-released Minecraft adventure map based on the recent DOOM games by Id Software.

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SimpleSlave824d ago (Edited 824d ago )

Doom. Play it everywhere and on anything with an electric current. Literally.™


Minecraft Meets Bloodborne With The Help Of A Stunning Mod

YouTuber Potomy has revealed new details about the new Bloodborne mod and that it is now in a playable state for Minecraft.


All the Essential Video Games Everyone Needs To Play At Least Once

Given the medium's wild diversity, this primer of the essential video games everyone should try is a good place to start.

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thorstein33d ago

.... from the 2000s (mostly).

shinoff218333d ago

I can't fk with this list. They missed on alot of games probably before the writers times. Also I know people loved some portal but I was never a fan.

Cacabunga32d ago

Tomb Raider 1
Driver 1
Abe’s Odyssey
King of Fighters 94
Mortal Kombat OG
LINK 2 the past
Street Fighter 2
Resident Evil 1

Inverno32d ago

Infinite but not the first two games? Witcher 3 but not the first two games?? GTA V but not literally any of the games before it??? Portal 2 but not the first? Also if you're going to play Shadow of The Colossus play the remaster and not the remake. Can't say I disagree with the list but my man it's all over the place.

Name Last Name32d ago

I mean some sequels are objectively better and you don’t need to play the whole series.

Inverno32d ago

But most of these games have a story to follow, sure you can catch up with a YouTube vid but where's the fun in that?

LucasRuinedChildhood32d ago (Edited 32d ago )

A list like this isn't telling you not to play the previous games if you want to. It's just giving you legendary games to play.

But tbh, you don't always have to force yourself to play every entry in a franchise to get to the better ones.

- The vast majority of Witcher 3 players never played the first 2 and had a great time. The first 2 games aren't in the same league.
- The GTA games are self-contained with the odd fun reference. You can easily jump into any of them.
- The Shadow Of The Colossus remake looks and controls better than the original (plus it has a 60fps option while the remaster is just 30fps). New players will enjoy it more.
- Portal 2 is a lot better than Portal 1 and takes the concept much further gameplay-wise. Storywise, Portal 1 is fairly light too. Not that you shouldn't play it but realistically ... you'd love Portal 2 whether you play it or not (at lot of Portal 2 players have never played 1).

Bioshock 1 is the only one I agree with you on simply because it's one the best games of all time and arguably better than Infinite. No other setting like Rapture.

Looking at the list, I'd recommend playing Uncharted 1 before 2 but no doubt, 2 is the legendary one you have to play.

Inverno32d ago

I get it, but that's just my opinion on his opinion. I just think that before you play a sequel you should still play what came before it. Maybe it's just me but i find it fascinating playing through the first game in a series and seeing how it has evolved through its sequels. Like I said I don't disagree with the list, other than SoTC which I strongly believe the remaster of the original should be played above the remake.

AuraAbjure32d ago

Awesome list! Hot take on Fear (and it's hard af expansion Persaus Mandate!) Bioshock Infinite is stellar, so is the Witcher 3 and you nailed it by having Ocarina of Time. So many fantastic games! Gotta play 'em all! Next one on my list is Prey after I beat Dead Space 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction.

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Minecraft Bedrock Introduces Official Add-Ons To Marketplace

Minecraft Bedrock is introducing add-ons to the marketplace. The add-ons can now be added to many existing and new worlds.

Jin_Sakai53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Nice! Next up, shaders on consoles.

“A new update is improving how mods work for Minecraft Bedrock. Mojang has introduced add-ons to the marketplace.”

“These add-ons can now easily be added to new and existing worlds instead of being tied to a single world.
There are plenty of free and paid add-ons that will let you customize just about anything in your world.”

OtterX52d ago

So RayTracing is no longer locked to the NVIDIA maps? I know there was a workaround, but it will be nice to have easier access to all worlds.