Tabletop Simulator Review Bombed Following Chat Controversy

A Tabletop Simulator review bomb is happening over a dispute between a trans player and the game's mods. The Steam page is a mess right now.

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sourOG324d ago

Congratulations on being less credible than game journalists lmao. I didn’t think it was possible lol. Metacritic is more credible than you review bomb dorks.

Eien324d ago

Never apologize to the mob, they will never forgive.

Shiore2u324d ago (Edited 324d ago )

I've never understood apologizing to a minuscule segment of society that barely has any impact financially. The average person does not care that someone without any personality of their own isn't allowed to talk about their sexuality nobody asked about, in a tabletop simulator of all things.

monkey602324d ago

The boardgame Community strives to be inclusive and very progressive of these issues so this might not go down well, but Tabletop Simulator has been an industry lifeline over the last 2 years with developers even adapting to it for conventions. So there'll be plenty out to defend TTS too.
It does sound like this woman went out of her way to create an issue here but that's going on what little info we have.
Theres always a red flag in my mind when some minor squabbles attempt to resolve is "too little, too late" makes it seem like 1 party is just out to get something from it all.

324d ago
slowgamer323d ago

Why go and make a big deal about being trans and gay in some games public chat. Seemed just trolling.