Ready at Dawn hints that God of War is headed for the PSP

QJ.NET have just received word from Ready at Dawn's CEO, Didier Malenfant, concerning the rumors that smash hit God of War is making its way to the PSP, Whether the game is God of War or another title for the PSP has yet to be fully determined, but with David Jaffe and Ready at Dawn promising great titles, QJ.NET is pretty confident God of War end up on my PSP shortly.

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Covenant4895d ago

Well, at least the PSP will have ONE decent game...

Odiah4894d ago

Tekken, Killzone, Metal Gear Solid, Syphon Filter, LocoRoco?

They all just strike you as bad games?

Stop making such ignorant comments.

Torch4894d ago

I've actually really enjoyed my PSP since acquiring it last March.

The games currently out there (and those coming) quench at least my appetite for what's fun and entertaining.

IMO, it's a fine, fun, and convenient piece of hardware...well, except for those dastardly potentially-dead pixels!

billjakybob4894d ago

this would be sick, i hope it gets confirmed