Genshin Impact beta tester fined $78,000 for leaked footage from the 2.5 update

A Genshin Impact beta tester shared some unreleased footage of 2.5 update with his friend, who leaked it, leading to the former getting fined.

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blackblades505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

Wouldve unfriend him and find away to sue the friend. Well I know that beta tester is pissed, thats alot of money for that. These devs take things to seriously like literally never seen other devs go this far, they usually have fun with the leaks or whatever.

Nitrowolf2505d ago (Edited 505d ago )

I mean his friend wasn’t under any sort of NDA, not sure how that would even work. It really isn’t even their fault in the first place. Yeah they backstabbed someone who trusted them, but that person shouldn’t have shared it in the first place. Heck, most NDA permit you from even recording.

This is unfortunately the harsh side of things when you break what you sign

ABizzel1504d ago (Edited 504d ago )


I agree with you on their lack of suing because the friends wasn’t under NDA.

But how on earth is it not the friends fault? Regardless of if the beta tester sent the screenshot, they likely never told or wanted that friend to post them online. That’s just an all around s#!++y and selfish person. Now said friend is out of a job, $78,000, and possibly blacklisted from EVERY beta testing program in his area, because someone wanted clout.

I’d be ready to kick hiss @, his mamas @, his daddy’s @, his brothers and sisters @, his grandma and grandpa @ 😂😂😂

curtain_swoosh504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

its not a matter of taking things too serious.
the guy breached his contract by sharing stuff with his friend, who leaked it then. dont sign anything if you cant stand behind it.

even if his friend is a piece of shit, you cant trust anyone these days

they are absolutely in the right here.

MadLad504d ago

Big companies are happy to ruin someone's life just to set a precedent.

peppeaccardo504d ago

A beta tester needs to sign an NDA before accessing the code. He breached it and as such he needs to pay for it. there is no pleasure in ruining someone's life .. he knew the risks of his actions.

MadLad504d ago (Edited 504d ago )

You can view it as you wish.
Simply leaking information shouldn't destroy your life in legal fees because big company, one singular human being.

These are freaking videogames. I would love to see how this leak damaged the company to any amount, let alone what they're suing for.

roadkillers504d ago

Sounds like China bullshit. Leak an NDA and get fired… not fined a year plus in salary.

peppeaccardo501d ago

@therealtedcruz evidently you do not have any clue of how an NDA works. Companies use it to prevent these sort of things. Yes it is tru we are talking of video games here ... but this is a multi billion dollar industry and when you screw up you screw up big. Imagine if you are a game designer and implement a bunch of new things in the game and someone from your team will show it to the world before the official announcement, how would you feel? Contract are in place to avoid these situation, if a beta tester won't stand the rules can decide NOT to take the job. Simple as that.

FinalFantasyFanatic504d ago

NDAs are pretty harsh in general, it's not really fair and that is a sh*t ton of money to pay up.


That fine is absurd. I get he was under NDA but this could ruin his life and for what? A video game leak? Absolutely ridiculous...

antikbaka504d ago

now you can see what they would do for potential loss of hundreds millions of dollars.

They want players to buy "wishes" now and not wait for another "better" update

THEzRude504d ago

I just hope they some day give android native controller support :(

Lionsguard504d ago

Man $78,000, that's like enough for two 5-star characters.

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