Pokémon Go could be adding intrusive ads to the game, reveals leak

A new leak from the Twitter account PokeMiners has revealed that new, potentially intrusive popup ads may be added into Pokémon Go.

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Knightofelemia132d ago

What haven't ads touched they are littered on Youtube, they are littered on Twitch, they are littered in apps on a friggin cellphone. I see ads when I am on this site telling me I should buy this or that when I was searching for something on Amazon. World would be better if ads just disappeared popping up in a game I am not surprised it was only time. Ads pop up at the stupidest times watch a Youtube vid and it gets to the good part poof ad same with Twitch.

NerdBurglars131d ago

Click them and go back. If intrusive ads are costing advertisers money with no return, they stop paying for them

fitofficial131d ago

Welp, I'm the remaining holdout in my household and circle of friends and I don't play very often. That'll get me to quit fully.

CDbiggen131d ago

There are intrusive ads every comment section on this crap website.