5 NFT-based blockchain games that could soar in 2022

NFTs look ready to rule 2022, and the recent pivot toward NFT utility in P2E gaming could make blockchain gaming this year’s sector darling.

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Knightofelemia132d ago

Nah after watching Victor Chaos in South Park with NFT's I'll just stay away.

ElCapitan006132d ago

Does the average person even partake with crypto and NFT’s? I don’t know anyone that actually uses crypto or even know what an NFT is. Anytime I see an article talking about NFT’s it’s usually about people who have way too much money and buy these NFT’s for far more than these things should be worth. Seems to me like the massive amount spent on NFT’s comes from the insanely wealthy and insanely crazy with their spending.

FinalFantasyFanatic131d ago

I know alot of Crypto buyers, but I think alot of people are just hoping on the hype train, don't know of anyone who has NFTs though.

OMGitzThatGuy131d ago

Just the goofballs that want to set themselves up for a potential cashout because they saw how they missed the Bitcoin train so they are aggressively pushing it with the guise of pushing tech forward when all the shit NFT is trying to be used for is already possible, it creates nothing new, just a new way to scam.

FinalFantasyFanatic131d ago


Despite what developers say, can't see any way of applying NFTs/blockchain to games in a way that would be satisfying for a player, it really is a big money scheme. Although I do believe Crypto is the future of currencies, just can't be sure which will be legit tender in the future (every country will probably have their own digital currency, although that partially defeats the purpose of Crypto).

ElCapitan006131d ago (Edited 131d ago )

I don’t even understand the point of crypto. I like my money covered by the FDIC. I also don’t understand how something that can be digitally “mined” can have any actual value. Or maybe I’m just too old to be interested in crypto as anything other than an investment to be traded like a stock or something.

FinalFantasyFanatic130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Although people do it, it shouldn't be traded like stocks, it's suppose to be a form of currency, I suppose you can think of it like forex trading, even though it's not the same thing. You should try reading Rich Dad poor Dad, basically anything people decide has value, has value. Part of crypto's value is that it has a limited supply, you can't print more of any given coin (although I think people just make new cryptos, but with the amount in existence, you can't tell which will be publically accepted at first).

Technically money/the dollar isn't real either as it's not backed by anything (money used to be backed by gold until Nixon took the US off the gold standard). People also believe that fiat currency doesn't have diminishing value because of money printing and inflation (hence why smart money holds little cash, it's all Crypto, precious metals, commodities, property, shares, businesses, ect...). The youtube channel, Minority Mindset talks about it on and off and has examples and anecdotes where Crypto currency would be useful.

I don't own crypto, although I may add a very small position to my portfolio in the future, I'd rather precious metals if I was aiming for wealth preservation.

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curtain_swoosh131d ago

i only know know one person.

id say the avarage joe aint involved with any of that.

Vits131d ago

Don't know anyone into NFT yet. But for Crypto? Yes, I know a bunch of people. But the vast majority are just traders, buying and selling crypto. I think only one guy is actually trying to mine them.

phoenixwing132d ago

Investors/shareholders are probably salivating but as a gamer this is basically the black plague of microtransactions

The_Hooligan131d ago

Couldn't agree more. People need to vote with their wallet.

Welshy131d ago

The only place I want to see NFT's soar is straight into the sea. Moderning gaming is monetisation shambles already.

#NoFuckingThanks (NFT)

pietro1212131d ago

Gross, keep this shit out games. It's already hurting the art side of things with all the stolen work turned into nfts.

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