Here's a peek at Elden Ring's character creation system

"From Soft can actually make human-looking faces now".

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slowgamer782d ago

Uglier he gets happier he becomes. =)

782d ago
victorMaje782d ago

My first hour (with pleasure) of Elden Ring :)

H9782d ago

"From Soft can actually make human-looking faces now"

The thumbnail of the video with this line is gold

GameZenith782d ago

Does this game have a story? I don't get the hype surrounding this game.

CrimsonWing69782d ago

Have you played a Dark Souls game before? That’ll answer your question and is also the reason for the hype surrounding this game.

anast782d ago

Yes, it has a story. The devs on this game do a really good job making games. Hence the hype.

ChubbyBlade782d ago

Have you been living under a rock for the past 14 years?


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jimb0j0nes9d ago

"They will find optional bosses who have been tuned in a similar way to the likes of Malenia" OH LAWWWD

Promachos9d ago

He should have been asked why he doesn't support any of the available upscaling technics. Just how difficult is it?