Resident Evil Village VR Gameplay is Incredibly Polished - Preview/Impressions - CG

CG writes: We take another look at the awesome Praydog RE Framework mod for PC so we can experience Resident Evil Village VR. We’re blown away by this and wish more games receive a similar treatment. Just a quick note: In the video we talk about the lack of motion controls but that seems to be an issue with recording the screen using the Steam VR, VR view option. The motion controls of the HP Reverb G2 work fine when not using the Steam VR view to record.

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SullysCigar138d ago

I always appreciate the work of modders where VR versions are concerned, but I'm convinced (and hopeful) RE8 VR is officially in the works.

Magog138d ago

Wtf is with that outfit? 🤣

EazyC138d ago

Hey you're that famous guy from GTPlanet!

Aussiesummer138d ago

Pc virgin neckbeards that's what.

TheRealTedCruz137d ago

Would love to see the download rates had if consoles actually allowed for mods. This stuff is usually some of the least downloaded had on PC.
I'm pretty sure the metric would be much higher, being PC gamers, who actually follow the modding scene, tend to be older with disposable income.

Shiore2u137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Very easy to disingenuously play puritan when you by default lack the ability to have such options. You're severely naïve about human nature if you think the same wouldn't be the case, if not more frequent on consoles with their general appeal to the pubescent.

CrimsonWing69137d ago (Edited 137d ago )

Why does scantily clad fictional characters upset you so much? Do you feel the same way when you brutally murder fictional characters?

MissAubrey137d ago

I'm pointing and laughing at you.

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Viljong138d ago

Very good news waiting psvr2 version

XbladeTeddy138d ago

I bet it's an exclusive launch game for PSVR. Would make so much sense.

Spenok138d ago

Man I hope. Resident Evil 7 is THE reason I bought a PSVR.

Clover904137d ago

I had an absolute blast with re7 in vr. Cannot wait to replay re8 on psvr2!

AshleeEmerson137d ago

Completely agree, resident evil 7 is by far number one. Astrobot and The walking Dead are very high though. Nothing beats resident evil.

I really hope for at least a remake so that people who are just getting a psvr get the absolute best version.

Half13yte137d ago

Everything that took place in this video is canon.

specialguest137d ago

My VR legs are weak. I feel like I'm getting motion sickness with all of the movements he has made

AshleeEmerson137d ago

Hopefully psvr2 handles this so that you can enjoy these games, VR is absolutely incredible. I hope you get to play resident evil 7. It's the best thing I've played on consoles ever as far as my gaming experience goes

ibrake4naps137d ago

Haptics in the headset are supposed to help

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