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CCG writes - "Like many anime and video games, SMT V takes place in high school. You get to name the androgynous protagonist. Although he’s a guy, he rocks some serious eyelashes and girly hairstyles. Especially in the underworld with his long flowing blue hair. How he arrived in the underworld is uncertain; he just woke up in a barren world on his way home from school one day. He quickly discovers that some of his classmates are in this underworld too. One of them gets swept away by an angel before the protagonist’s eyes. This rescued classmate is lucky, as others are bound to get found by hostile demons first. You must save them and figure out what’s going on!"

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CrimsonWing69136d ago

Love this game! Hell, I love the series!

VersusDMC136d ago

Surprised a christ centered website loved a game about killing all gods...

Game is my 2nd favorite of the year though so i concur with the 9.

loveallsystems136d ago

Great game, but too satanic for that site.