Sony believe PSP is not suitable for Homebrew, Dark_Alex mentioned at D.I.C.E

During Phil Harrison's keynote at D.I.C.E, he was asked about where the PSP lies within Sony's homebrew initiatives for PS3. Harrison believes the PSP is NOT suitable for homebrew. A guy name dropped the efforts of prolific PSP hacker Dark_Alex to which Harris had an inconspicuous response regarding future announcements.



11:05: The next question talks about XNA (without directly mentioning it) and how it puts some of the power of making games into the hands of average users. Is Sony considering a response? Phil says that Sony started that with the Net Yaroze on the PS, continued it with Linux on the PS2, and is now continuing it with Linux on the PS3. Sony will continue to support that kind of homebrew and organized development initiatives.

The follow-up asks the obvious question about the PSP's place in all this. Phil claims that the PSP isn't well suited for homebrew. Croal name drops Dark_Alex, the hacker that's been busting open the PSP's firmware lately and opening it up for homebrew. Harrison has a sort of cryptic response about future announcements.

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TheMART4903d ago

Well, wrong bet again Sony. The PSP is very suitable for homebrew, we can all see :-)

In the interview there was more funny stuff also about the PS3 and the online service:

"10:52: The next question is about how the PS3 hasn't matched Xbox Live's feature set for its online support. Harrison starts talking about how the PlayStation 3 is continually updated over time and that how the system looks today might not be how the system looks tomorrow.

"The day you buy [a PS3] is the start of a long-term relationship with that console that is going to evolve over time," explained Harrison.

He says that there will be forthcoming announcements regarding the future of the PS3's online features."

So again it's waiting again untill something get's better? Pfew. 'This is waiting!' for real. I'll pick up my rumble enabled controller back up again allright?!

DC RID3R4902d ago

TheMART :]

EVERYONE knows that the psp is homebrew whoreing device, no question!

as for the PS3........................... ............................