Square Enix wants NFTs, no matter what gamers think

Phil Corpuz digs into why all the reasons Square Enix claims NFTs and the blockchain will benefit gaming are complete bunk.

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CrimsonWing69921d ago

Of course they do and let this show you where the industry is. Unnecessary raising of game prices, GaaS games with anemic content stretched out for a time period with micro transactions, and now bidding for exclusive digital content. What the hell happened from the NES days to now? I get wanting to make money, but at what cost and why sell your soul for it?

Smok91921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I’m amazed by the masses that have no concept of capitalism.

Edit: you can choose what to buy 😂

Godmars290921d ago

What is that suppose to mean? "Profits overall" is all well and good when its just short of robbing someone at gunpoint? A "system of commerce" where payment is effectively mandatory while service and/or product isn't? Cause that's what modern capitalism wants versus giving a sense of getting what you paid for.

CrimsonWing69921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

I’m amazed at the masses who don’t realize negative impacts of capitalism such as market failure and short termism.

This goes beyond choosing what to buy. This effects the entire hobby is my point. Also, you’re crazy if you don’t think capitalism can’t be abused.

My whole point is a reflection of the industry from where it was to where it is.

Edit: Mediums can change for worse through corporate greed 😂

FinalFantasyFanatic920d ago

I'm not going to name countries here, but I feel there is only one country's population that believes in going to the extremes of capitalism, and it doesn't turn out well for the average joe. It ruins games and entire franchises to the point where they aren't fun anymore because the developers are trying to nickle and dime you as much as possible while under delivering or under cooking a game.

With all the bad practices becoming rampant in gaming, I can understand while people are expecting or hoping for another video game crash.

drizzom920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

Of course I know I can choose to not buy it that's obvious. What I want to know is if you could even explain what the benefit of garbage like this brings to the gaming experience.

NerdBurglars920d ago

I don't get all the downvoted here. You are dead right. These annoying practices exist becuse people keep paying

senorfartcushion920d ago

Capitalism has already failed. We need to educate ourselves out of these slave shackles.

Godmars290920d ago

Because the added comment of "choose what to buy" in the face of examples such as "true ending" DLC and using MTs to speed up purposely gimped gameplay shows how clueless the original comment was.

Nevermind what "whale" mentality has done to mobile games.

Jaces920d ago

You can have capitalism without being a douche and charging for everything, that's just horrible management and horrible people.

Profchaos920d ago

You can choose what to buy yes but this type of behaviour starts off small soon your buying the base game and spending double that to get all the content required to enjoy the game.
How long before nft based weapons are buffed to the max level while base game owners have to out up with poor stick weapons. Or maps are only open to weapon holders of nft holders

That's not even taking into consideration the whole nft is bad for the environment argument.

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Godmars290921d ago

Certainly representative of AAA publisher mentality.

ArdynMDH920d ago

Is it sad Destiny 2 popped into my head when you said " GaaS games with anemic content stretched out for a time period with micro transactions"

moriarty1889920d ago

Destiny in general started this whole shit concept of barebones at launch gaas garbage. Now developers have mostly all embraced this vile concept looking to bleed the consumers dry. The old days of complete solid AAA games released at launch are indeed pretty much over.

galgor921d ago

NFTs are a scam... don't buy in.

Smok91921d ago (Edited 921d ago )

Lmfao owning your digital assets is a scam 🤣😂🤣

pietro1212920d ago

Majority of NFTs are stolen art work so yes, it is a scam.

drizzom920d ago


That or they are just hideous works of 'art' companies want you to believe is valuable so they can sell you something you normally wouldn't waste a penny on and does nothing for your gaming experience.

SharnOfTheDEAD921d ago

I honestly dont know how NFTs are going to benefit gaming for everyone, if anything it's definitely going to cater to a small minority but it will come at the expense of everyone else. Not sure how that's fun or fair.

drizzom920d ago

They aren't. They are just another random valueless product that does nothing for the average customer looking for a fun game to play. These things mean nothing until the populace GIVES it value. Just like the hundreds of crypto coins out there. What happens is that an obnoxious marketing campaign pushes these worthless things in peoples face (mainly the mindless mainstream) and people are fooled into thinking its valuable and spend obscene amounts of money on it for God knows what kind of self validating emotion.

maelstromb920d ago

And unfortunately, many people will buy into them just like they do now without a thought to the long-term damage being done. People say loot boxes mattered to them and piecemealed content matters, but they still turn around and buy the base-game and more anyways without thinking about the long standing effects. It's called ENABLING. Look it up! Rewarding some shitty pub/dev for abhorrent/scummy behavior and business strategies shares a very close resemblance to helping say your drunkard or drugged out sibling get their fix. In the end, you're doing long-term damage AND allowing them to run amok with the belief that what they're doing is OK.

ElvisHuxley920d ago (Edited 920d ago )

When we're all in the metaverse, NFTs will be the new private property. Exciting, isn't it?? /s

Mr_Writer85920d ago

I don't get how NFTs or Blockchain would be put into games.