AT&T is Giving Out Free Pass For 6 Months of Stadia Pro

AT&T is offering 6 months of Stadia Pro to its new customers and existing 5G members. Originally, the offer was only for new members.

RpgSama514d ago

LOL, Is Stadia still a thing? Surprised is still a functioning service since we do not hear about it anymore, like at all, talk about dead.

Iltapalanyymi515d ago

Good luck trying to run that shit on their network

Jin_Sakai514d ago

I live next to one of their towers and use to get 5 bars and very fast speeds. Now I usually get two bars and awful upload speed. Download speed is still ok though at around 80Mbps. Service has went to sh*t over the years.

SinisterMister514d ago

A fairly nice gesture. Don't know what people are so upset about.

BrainSyphoned514d ago

Yes, Google is kind, generous, filled with warmth and overflowing with goodwill towards all men. It isn't that their product was room temperature vomit when it arrived and they are desperately trying to hook people into keeping their shot at billion dollar gaming revenue hopes alive.

514d ago
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