PS5 Game Deals: Battlefield 2042, Far Cry 6, Tormented Souls, and more

At the end of the week, Amazon brings us five notable offers on physical PlayStation 5 games.

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OMNlPOTENT135d ago

Good price on GOTG. You couldn’t pay me to play any more BF2042 at this point. I honestly had more fun with Cyberpunk. If you haven’t bought it, take my word for it and do not.

ArchangelMike135d ago

I completely agree with you anout 2042. I don't think I played it for upto a month and I was done with it. It's not total garbage, but it comes pretty close.

JohnJ134d ago

There’s a free to play weekend this weekend (on Xbox I think) - if you haven’t tried it maybe play it and decide for yourself. I’m enjoying it immensely, while it’s not without its issues. It’s got some epic battles and “only in battlefield” moments… from reading internet comments you may thinks there’s nobody enjoying this game and that’s simply not true - many are!

just_looken134d ago

Funny thing is playstation 5 is the best version of 2042 but still has framerate.hit detection and alot of missing features.

i figured they get console performance/crashing under control but nope.

TheRealTedCruz135d ago

Tormented Souls is definitely solid if you want that sort of PS2 Japanese horror game experience.

monkey602135d ago

Had my eye on it for a while. Tempted now

TheRealTedCruz135d ago

If that's the sort of experience you're looking for, and the price works for you, I think you'll get a lot from the experience.

135d ago