Sony could make PlayStation VR2 compatible with gaming PCs, and it should

Releasing a VR headset that's compatible with both PlayStation 5 consoles and graphics cards would be a fantastic USP for PSVR2, Sony just has to do it.

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kythlyn129d ago

I don't know if they "have" to do it, but I'd definitely appreciate it if they did. It's hard enough to justify one VR headset, let alone needing two for console and PC. PSVR2 being PC compatible would greatly increase its value... and let's face it, it's going to cost a lot, and needs to provide as much value as it can.

Nitrowolf2129d ago

Yeah I think the PS VR should def be open to PC platforms tbh

It encourages more people to go VR, plus if u own a PC and buy one it could potentially lead to a console sale down the road to utilize it even more

Abnor_Mal129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

If Sony do PSVR2 compatible with PC then I would expect for PCVR exclusives to come to PlayStation.

I mean they "have" to it, one hand washes the other and both wash the face.

isarai129d ago

Honestly i dont see a downside to that at all. And i'm theorizing it will use a single cord hints why there's a single high speed usb-c port on the ps5, just a theory tho

Sherif129129d ago

They have already confirmed it will be single cord.

Eidolon129d ago

For both data and power? Damn

fr0sty128d ago (Edited 128d ago )

Yes, one single USB C is confirmed, and it plugs directly into the PS5, no breakout box. Did anyone notice that the original PSVR uses PS5's aesthetic and color scheme? Look at the two side by side.

Magog129d ago

Bad idea. They can only produce so many of them so why would they want PC players to buy them before PS5 players?

Neonridr129d ago

yeah it's not like PSVR headsets aren't sitting on shelves nowadays collecting dust. Better off not allowing more people to use them and instead limit their sales


Magog129d ago

I can guarantee you PSVR2 won't be sitting on sheives. It will be scalped for double the price immediately.

Neonridr129d ago

@Magog - at first yes, but VR is still a niche product, and there isn't even close to the install base that was there for the PS4 when PSVR first came out.

Hatchetforce129d ago

Short term memory? PSVR wasn't sitting on the shelf when it launched. That took a while. Then when the improved version launched it wasn't sitting there either.

EvertonFC129d ago

Just stagger the launch, Ps5 1st then PC 6months later or so.

FreeFallFrenzy126d ago

If Sony created its own launcher on PC, it could make the games you buy on the PlayStation store cross play on PS5 and PC. It would create incentive for people to still buy into the PlayStation ecosystem, even though they would also have the ability to buy from the other launchers

TheRealTedCruz129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

Because Sony is a business, and they really don't care about catering to a group that already bought a system if it means opening up a new revenue stream.

Magog129d ago

The hardware will be shipped break even or at a loss in order to sell software which will only be available for PS5. This is basic stuff.

Gamer75129d ago

Not surprised that you are against a company having a product that could be used by more people

REDGUM129d ago

A sale is a sale.
Sony will make money/a sale either way. It's a win win. That said, I understand what you are saying but as long as there's enough to go around, on both platforms, on release, I don't see a downside.

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Aloymetal129d ago

But I mean, who can blame them, they're dying to play the awesome games from PlayStation.

--Onilink--129d ago

How exactly would the PSVR2 working on PC allow anyone to get a game thats only on Playstation….??

IanTH129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

A little begging, perhaps, but more so hoping. More than anything, I'd love to have an option that doesn't cost $1000 like the Index, that also allows me to get Facebook entirely out of my life AND could be compatible with PS5. I had hoped PSVR was going to work on PC in some fashion, but later ended up getting a Rift when the bundle hit $400. By the time PSVR 2 comes out, I'll likely be in a similar situation in terms of what HMD to upgrade to - PSVR or PCVR, and I'd really like to not have to consider buying 2.

But it is a weird time to be a multiplatform gamer. I JUST bought a PS5 (arriving today), and I'm unsure if I should have, given the exclusives seem to be coming PC-ward now. I forgot the Gefore leak showed Returnal, Forbidden West, and R&C:RA as coming to PC early/mid 2022. If those happen, I should just send it back. But PSVR2 looks amazing, and I'd want to play those VR exclusives eventually. Would be extra curious if they'll also start putting their VR games on PC as well at some point.

TheRealTedCruz129d ago

Only makes sense being their obvioughly going at the PC market. Either way, it means they move more hardware, even if it isn't specifically for Playstation titles.

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