Oblivion Speedrunner Sets World Record At 2 Minutes and 33 Seconds

A speedrunner by the name "Karsto" uploaded his speedrun of The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion setting a world record at 2 minutes and 33 seconds.

RaidenBlack624d ago

It took me 3 minutes just to decide on which race to start with.

VenomUK622d ago (Edited 622d ago )

@Name Last Name. Mate! I love me a good WRPG. But it can take me over an hour to work out a name and decide appearance and features. By the time I'm ready to play it's normally time for bed. Although I'm improving with this.

jznrpg623d ago (Edited 623d ago )

I made and remade my character like 12-15 times for Morrowind and probably took me a few days to decide . Oblivion I think I went with the same build/race after a few attempts but I forget how many attempts exactly . I went through Obivion so fast I don’t remember it well despite liking it much more than Skyrim overall .

Rant on/I hate the sprint button it’s so lame . A super powerful god like warrior/wizard whatever who slays gods and dragons and shit but your character is tired after running 30 feet is so lame . Bring back athletics and acrobatics , all the spells you got rid of , directions through books etc and my list of grievances is too long to go on , rant off

. Character creator is still fun at least even though your character always looks somewhat deformed from what you chose to begin with .

sourOG622d ago

I was thinking about restarting oblivion and seeing how different the frame rate boost is or whatever. Is the magic that much more fun in oblivion? Is it complicated? I remember the speech mechanic being weird.

I just played through skyrim recently as a magic guy for the first time. I almost always play Bethesda games the same way. one hand, bow, sneak, light armor. The standard milquetoast hero. So I was like f**k it, I wanted to try the housebuilding shit anyways.

I chose 5 or so weird skills I wouldnt usually do. I dumped all of my points into 1 hand(couldn’t get away lol), destruction, speech, illusion, heavy armor. It was fun but playing without a bow was really hard for me. I’m thinking about doing the same with oblivion, what are your favorite skills?

Eidolon622d ago

Idk wtf was even going on or the meaning to any of what he was doing.

outsider1624623d ago

Just watched the video. How is this considered a World record? All i saw was loading saving glitching through walls, under the map etc.

EmperorDalek623d ago

It's an any means speed run. There'll be another category that excludes these exploits.

tronyx12622d ago

This is what speedrunning Any% means. You just need to finish the main questline by any means, with any % of the game actually completed. You just need to reach the 'end of the game'.

There are other categories like '100%', which you need to do everything in the game by the game standards. There are categories which don't accept exploit/glitches, too.

This doesn't make this less impressive. Many of the 'tricks' the player is doing are very hard to pull off consistently, and he just managed to pull a dozen of very precise glitches in sequence. Lots of those tricks are then used in other contexts to achieve other amazing feats in the game, not only speedrunning.

Speedrunning is an amazing community that gets to know, resarch and test the limits of a game. Amazing, really.

slowgamer623d ago

I'm surprised it didn't crash to desktop.

starforge71622d ago

sorry but glitching does not count as a legit speed run total fail

Sgt_Slaughter622d ago

Different categories have different rules, so this one was legitimate.

tronyx12622d ago

It pretty much is what Any% Speedruns means. A speedrun without glitches is actually pretty rare and not as popular.

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Let me re-introduce you to the scum of our industry.

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Bethesda (you started it you son of a...)

SullysCigar119d ago

Thanks, Bethesda! How fitting that you jumped into bed with the company that brought to us 'paying to play with friends', despite already paying the internet service providers. Awesome contributions, now standardised across this wonderful industry.

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The rise of "DLC" started when Microsoft wanted to maximize profits by charging for online and allowing companies to sell crap like horse armor on the console space.

If it wasn't for Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony wouldn't be charging for online play and neither Sony nor Nintendo was putting any kind of "DLC" in their games until market pressure forced it upon them.

So thanks Microsoft from the beginning you have made console gaming worse.