Xbox in 2022: What to Expect

What to expect from Xbox in 2022 from the exclusives to the rumors and possible game releases that will mark the bigger moments throughout the year.

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696d ago
My_Name_is_Earl696d ago

Looking good for the House of X this generation in general. It's great when the big 3 are at max capacity.
Competition is great for consumers!

Si-Fly695d ago

Looking strong for Sony and Microsoft, it’s my Switch I feel sorry for, it’s been slim pickings over the last 18 months.

Elda696d ago

So far no concrete dates for any variety of AAA exclusives releasing in 2022 except for the Starfield release date of 11/11/2022 & that date can change if delayed.

My_Name_is_Earl696d ago

Any concrete date can change. 2021 has shown us that

Elda695d ago (Edited 695d ago )

Not just 2021 throughout the year's release dates have changed. No shade but I'm just stating there's nothing to look forward to on the XB when it comes to AAA exclusives this year except for Starfield which has a release date that's very late in the year. The competition has 4 gaming console exclusives so far which are... HFW:2/18/2022,Babylon's Fall:3/3/2022,GT:3/4/2022 & Forspoken:5/24/2022 & more may be releasing in 2022.

lonewolf10695d ago

True on the AAA/exclusive side but plenty of titles coming out ("exclusive" or not) which do have release dates. Stalker 2 being one I am looking forward to (PC GP version).

Elda695d ago

I'm talking about AAA exclusives. I just acquired an XBSS (didn't pay for it) & I basically have it for XB exclusive games,the only current AAA exclusive I'm playing is Halo Infinite after that what AAA exclusives will be released within the next 10 months?? (crickets)

Zhipp695d ago

It's stalker not AAA?

Lightning77695d ago

Cross Fire X, Stalker 2, are the first 4 months. Redfall sometime in the summer, starfield and Forza in the holiday.

Whatever else MS announces this year also. It's like you guys try hard to erase other games MS has.

Gamer79696d ago

Hopefully to build on their strong end to 2021.

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Starfield Passes 12 Million Players as Phil Spencer Has "a Ton of Confidence" in Its Future

Today, during a panel at CCXP in São Paulo, Brazil, Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer talked about Bethesda's latest RPG, Starfield.

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MrDead1d 17h ago (Edited 1d 17h ago )

Currently less people playing Starfield then Skyrim on Steam and that's after another beta patch (which still haven't fixed the inaccessible ships, broken missions and companions) so you would think the numbers would be higher. I guess that's what you get when you pay for review scores, nothing but soulless PR hype and a broken dying game with personal messages from Bethesda telling you why you're wrong for having negative views about it.

This is a new title that should be pulling Baldur's gate numbers not Skyrim numbers!!

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1d 16h ago
Jin_Sakai1d 15h ago

This. And the fact ever seen 200 Phil Spencer articles in the past week. Who cares what this snake oil car salesman says in a daily basis.

darthv721d 15h ago

...apparently you care. Cause you always be commenting on every episode of Spencer Speaks.

Its like that meme. If you hate xbox so much, but always talk about it... you must not really hate it after all.

1d 14h ago
tay87011d 13h ago (Edited 1d 13h ago )

@darth not really a good argument I troll bots all the time, doesn't mean I like xbox in any way, shape or form. Also despise Trump and shout it from the roof tops every chance.i get, doesn't mean I like him either. Lol.

I comment on xbox pages and xbox specific articles all the time, usually just to stir something up. Not envious of them one bit either, they literally don't have a single exclusive game i am pining for. Last time thst happened was when they had exclusivity of bioshock and mass effect. That clockwork game they teased looked cool, got some bioshock infinite vibes from it. not even sure what kind of game it is, but it did get my attention.

MontyeKristo1d 13h ago

Tay8701 - Idk, man, it's weird as hell to be so invested in things you don't really care for. It just seems.. odd. I guess some people just really strive on drama, it fills them and their needs, I guess? For attention or something?

Just weird, bro.

tay87011d 13h ago

@montye. Not really it happens all the time, especially in the sporting arena. Bet there are tons of Bama fans trolling Georgia fans right now as we speak. Saw tons of Michigan memes mocking Ohio state all this last week. Doesn't mean they want to be fans of thst team. Lol.

Even though it's not much of a rivalry, PS vs MS still gets heated. :-)

1d 13h ago
Zeref1d 10h ago (Edited 1d 10h ago )

A lot of people care. Otherwise he wouldn't be getting these interviews.

Gives you PS fanboys something to talk about as well since yall don't have any Playstation games to talk about anyway.
Notice how nobody is talking about Spiderman anymore but every week Starfield is in the news? It faded into irrelevance faster than I thought it would.

JackBNimble1d 6h ago

Jin Sakai
Obviously you care a hell of a lot, you always put your 2 cents in when Phil says something.
If you didn't care you would respond to his BS every article.... btw just saying, I don't give a fuck either.

JackBNimble1d 6h ago

PS guy here , spot on comment actually. I just wish more people were about gaming and not just the platform they play on.

Crows9023h ago


0eople comment on what they dislike much more than on what they like...it's normal.

shinoff218321h ago

Darth that's a pretty weak argument.

P_Bomb18h ago

“Notice how nobody is talking about Spiderman anymore but every week Starfield is in the news? It faded into irrelevance faster than I thought it would.”

Spider-Man was a complete experience without controversy or asterisks like busted HDR or a 30 frame cap. I platinumed it. Don’t need to gush like a crush.

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S2Killinit1d 14h ago

Pretty much anytime MS speaks, flip it on it’s head to learn the truth.