New MMORPG Legend of Ymir Announced With Unreal Engine 5 & NFT Support

Korean developer WeMade Entertainment announced the development of its next-generation MMORPG titled Legend of Ymir.

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Sciurus_vulgaris141d ago

I still don’t understand the significance of this NFT crap. Digital content is easily replicated. I don’t understand why people are buying NFT.

jznrpg140d ago

I’m not buying that crap ever

Godmars290140d ago

Because people want money for nothing not understanding that such a mentality devalues EVERYTHING.

CrimsonWing69140d ago

It’s like a collector thing for the highest bidder, I think. Like a single item only someone who wins a bid gets access to.

XiNatsuDragnel141d ago

I'm don't understand nfts importance but I'm interested to see this game in action.

husomc140d ago

I can think of a few things NFTs could be used for. It all revolves around ownership. First of all your copy of the game could be uniquely that: Your Copy! a bit like owning your own CD of a game; not very important for a MMORPG. But in game purchases of items, weapons, clothing etc could take a whole new meaning. Unique items would most definitely be UNIQUE.

Kaii140d ago

Anything with NFT attached should just be automatically downvoted at this point, Tis be an obvious pyramid scheme.

Godmars290140d ago

Anything associated with NFTs needs to be boycotted. Period.

Babadook7140d ago

Wow. Beautiful graphics!

masterfox140d ago

nice visuals, but korean and mmorpg?, nope cya.

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The story is too old to be commented.