EA Director of Comms for Shooters Comments on Battlefield 2042 Silence; Says Expectations "Brutal"

EA Director of Comms for Shooters comments on the on-going Battlefield 2042 silence in communications, and says fan expectations are "brutal."

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-Foxtrot130d ago

Fans just want a game that works at this point and is like Battlefield

PhillyDillyDee130d ago

We just want a battlefield game. Not this trend-chasing nonsense.

excaliburps130d ago

I agree. We just want BF3/BF4 with better graphics, more weapons, better destruction, new maps, new gadgets and that was it. Not this Specialist nonsense.

LordoftheCritics130d ago

Adding a scorecard is ''brutal''

JEECE130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

V was a battlefield game (putting aside the stupid firestorm nonsense) and people played Siege and MW instead (games with specialist type systems). When BF fans abandoned a class-based BF for those games, why shouldn't Dice conclude that players like those systems better?

I understand that BF2042 has finally gotten people to acknowledge that V is good and actually play it, but it's a bit late for that now.

(I know you have played V btw, I'm speaking about the base generally)

frostypants130d ago

@JEECE the problem was BFV did almost everything worse than BF1, BF4 and BF3. It was a step back.

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JEECE130d ago

Although Dice reasonably concluded that fans wanted a specialist/operator-based game, given that so many people skipped BFV (a standard class-based BF game, albeit not the best of the series) and played COD:MW and Siege instead, both operator/specialist-based games.

The problem is that people didn't skip BFV because of anything about the game, they really are just babies who got sad because of a trailer and bailed on their favorite franchise because of it. Dice actually overestimated the fans in assuming they were graviting toward gameplay they found to be superior.

And now people are unironically grouping BFV and BF2042 together as one downhill slump for the franchise when it was really them skipping V that led to the changes in 2042 they hate so much.

PhillyDillyDee130d ago

Its a complicated state of affairs to say the least lol. BFV had good bones. The pre-release marketing is absolutely what killed it. I actually loved it aside from the ridiculous elite skins…

LordoftheCritics130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

''Although Dice reasonably concluded that fans wanted a specialist/operator-based game, given that so many people skipped BFV (a standard class-based BF game, albeit not the best of the series) and played COD:MW and Siege instead, both operator/specialist-based games.''


People wanted a modern Battlefield but BF4 launch was so bad and then ppl moved on to Overwatch and whatever else eventually by the time they fixed BF4.

World war battlefield was not expected and it just wasnt received well for many reasons, not just other games. The most successfull BF games were of a modern setting.

2042 looked like we were finally getting that modern battlefield game and they blew it.

The real theory?

EA wanted APEX repeat and Fortnite/COD money, they chase not lead.

DICE used to lead, Bioware used to lead. Now they just chase trends, chasing means always 2nd place or lower. Microsoft chased all of last gen and they ate shit as well. Be original and innovate and lead. Thats whats missing.

BF2042 could be labelled as ''Modern Warrior 3'' or something and it would have been seen with that lens.
It would still suck but ppl wouldnt hate it for not being battlefield. 2042 is barebones battlefield, with soooo much lacking and no campaign on top of it.

CorndogBurglar129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

But BFV wasn't good. It might have been good if it came out before so many other BF games that were better. But you can't look at BFV and say it's on par with BF2, 3, 4, or even 2142, and it certainly isn't anywhere near as good as Bad Company 2.

Yes, BFV is better than 2042. But so is pretty much every other BF game lol. BFV was a huge step back from what we had been getting up until BF1 came out. BF1 was the beginning of the end for the franchise.

lipton101126d ago

Battlefield V was a Politically Correct box checking exercise in game making. It could’ve been a GREAT WW2 game but instead settled for mediocrity

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CorndogBurglar129d ago

Exactly! Fan expectations are not brutal. Most of us just want a Battlefield game that is like the games the came before, but with small innovations. The formula already worked.

Every iteration of Battlefield all the way up until Battlefield 4 is a good to great game. Bad Company 2 is on a whole other level. If devs were able to make those games all the time ago, there's no excuse why they can't do that now, but with updated graphics and sound, as well as some new game modes.

Do that Dice/EA.

PhillyDillyDee130d ago

MFer YOU set the expectations high when you abandoned BFV ahead of schedule and promised the next one would be better! Y’all did this to yourselves.

I do love how quickly 2042 was abandoned by players. Its hilarious to me that everyone pretty much went back to BFV.

Nitrowolf2130d ago

Yeah, people are upset. I get the devs are on break, but don’t act all surprise and be snarky about them complaining when you come back. It’s been almost two months and we have no clue what’s going on

kikicub130d ago

Very funny considering most people hated BFV. I thought most people would fall back to BF4, I know I haven't stopped playing it.

PhillyDillyDee130d ago

By the time they cut development, it was just gaining traction. Honestly its mechanics are the best they have ever been IMO.

Soulrakk130d ago

Still the best in the series. Not hard to figure out what people want.

Omegasyde130d ago

There still active people playing it? I might just have to reinstall it.

DarthMarvin129d ago

Even BF4 sucked compared to BC2.

CorndogBurglar129d ago

Are there still a good amount of people playing BF4? I've been wanting to play Battlefield again, and that is truly the last good BF game. But I also don't want to log into a ghost town.

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Nineball2112130d ago

I hated BFV. I stopped playing it a month after release. I haven't left BF1. I'd love to have new content for BF1. That was the pinnacle of how a Battlefield game should play with the mechanics, classes, etc.

PhillyDillyDee130d ago

Yeah i must admit that BF1 is my fav. Take the movement from BFV and put it in there and it would be perfect.

Omegasyde130d ago

Although I preferred the maps over bf4, bF1 was awesome and treated class system perfectly. My only gripe was the gargantuan war machines. Awesome as hell when you are piloting/shooting out of a blimp, but when on defending team, it was chaos.

pr33k33130d ago

apparently expecting a working game at launch is "brutal"

sourOG130d ago

Or maybe you just suck at your job. People that pay full retail 70 dollars for a multiplayer only game have expectations. That’s not brutal, that’s common sense.

Noskypeno130d ago

When they decided to take campaign out , I was expecting the mp to be top tier. If they launched with a Hardline like campaign, the backlash would still be severe, complaints would be had that it's difficult to focus on sp and mp at the same time (even tho dozens of great games have both that are exceptional) but at least we get something that doesn't feel like we were scammed.

gamesftw250130d ago

all my hopes dropped when they pulled the campaign honestly.

sourOG130d ago

You could be right, I couldn’t tell you. I don’t play BF games but i understand that throwing your fans under a bus because you failed to deliver isn’t good PR.

lipton101126d ago

I had high hopes for Hazard Zone. I love Escape from Tarkov and have about 600 hours in it but the game needs a competitor. I thought hazard zone would be that competition. I was wrong. And the rest of the game popped the bed too

annoyedgamer130d ago

I have always admired the creative excuses from EA execs.