Sony PR Avoids Answering About Backward Compatibility on PSVR2

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about the new VR Headset. For now, Sony is staying quiet about BC on PSVR2.

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blackblades130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

And, theres a whole year how about waiting until they are ready to share more info. Cause sounds like someone trying stire the pot like the ps5 confusion

lelo2play130d ago

"stire the pot like the ps5 confusion"

Actually, asking for BC on PSVR2 is a fine and pertinent question, that should be answered by Sony honestly.
A simple YES or NO would suffice.

ocelot07130d ago

Well if you remember when they announced the ps5 but remained quiet on BC for a bit. That's because they didn't know how many was going to be compatible. In the end it turned out about 7 PS4 games wouldn't be compatible.

Probably just waiting for I see how many PS4 VR games might not be compatible.

itsmebryan130d ago

More of Sony smoke and mirrors. They know if it is BC they are the one who are making it. Why is that something to hide?

When Xbox was asked if Xbox one controllers and wheels would be BC they just said yes.
When Xbox was asked if 360 wheels and controllers would work on Xbox one they said no. It's simple. Smh

Teflon02130d ago

If they're working on it and can't give a definite answer. It's better not to answer to keep confusion at bay. But these kinda articles and such creates goofs going extreme online. Like how they acted like ps5 wasn't going to have BC to find out practically 99% of ps4 games work on ps5.

Teflon02130d ago

Bryan MS is also the kings of empty promises. Which is why you only give the info when you know 100%. Like Sony could be seeing which games will work without the old setup and which will and accessing it all so they shouldn't give an answer until they know 100%. If they say yes and even 1 game doesn't work, they're going to get a million doom and gloom articles exaggerating

Babadook7130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

PS VR2 will be backwards compatible. That much should be obvious. The confusion with PS5 BC was more to do with fanboys misunderstanding Sony's early guidance that 99% of the top 100 games being compatible meant that only those 99 titles were compatible. And no amount of explanation was apparently suffice to those fanboys.

dbcoops130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

I'll have to remember that next time a company says "we're not ready to discuss that right now". blackblades is right give them some time PSVR2 was literally just announced. Also its far from being "simple" as its guaranteed if they say no the hate mob will go ballistic.

SurgicalMenace130d ago

I mean, of course, Xbox is going to say yes. What would they have if they didn't?

blackblades130d ago

I understand that but the wording of the title makes it feel like they stiring the pot. They arent ready to talk about it and we have a whole year for them to answer.

rippermcrip129d ago

Bullshit. It is very common with big reveals, especially consoles, that the company knows exactly what information they will reveal. Then they save certain information for later.

If people try to ask them questions, they are going to give this blanket response. They aren't going to reveal information they had no plans to reveal just because it is an answer they have.

Joe913129d ago

First off this was a reveal but not the big reveal funny how quickly people forget stuff this is similar to when they announced the PS5 name at CES and did the interview with wired and laid out the specs before the huge reveal. Instead, they just laid it all out at CES, we will get the big reveal with all the info we are looking for when they show us what it looks like just like they did with the PS5.

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Orchard130d ago

"sounds like someone trying stire the pot like the ps5 confusion"

Asking about BC is a fair question, people are going to be sinking likely $400-$500 into this device, it SHOULD have back compat and Sony don't exactly have the best track record there - and Sony obviously already know the answer, back compat support isn't something you tack on in the final month.

Teflon02130d ago

It's a fair question, they'll answer it by release in detail like they always do. They usually like to answer questions when they know things are 100%. Like the ps5 BC

dbcoops130d ago

Its also fair to give them a reasonable time to answer it when they're ready to answer it, PSVR2 was literally just announced.

Orchard130d ago

@Teflon02 Yep, I expect more info around GDC (via dev leaks) or E3 as a general announcement.

@dbcoops Yet it is still 100% reasonable to ask. If it doesn't support back compat, perhaps some articles like this will make them reconsider.

SurgicalMenace130d ago

How many successful systems have to rely on BC anymore? Just remember that the Switch should also be included in this narrative.

Mr_Writer85130d ago


"Should have back compact and Sony don't have the best track record"

Lets review

PS2 BC with PS1

PS3 BC with PS1 and PS2

PSVita BC with some PSP games

PS5 BC with PS4.

Why make up lies? That's something that fanboys do.

"people are going to be sinking likely $400-$500" and if it's not BC they have the choice not to buy it.

Unless you believe that Sony won't tell anyone either way until after selling a few million units?

Orchard130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

@SurgicalMenace Consumers don't care about how successful a system is, unless they're a shareholder. They care about the hardware, software and services meeting their wishes.

Like gee, if it's only about how successful the platform is and how much money it makes the platform holder - maybe we should just have no back compat for PS4 games on PS5 and we should pay $100 for games?

@Mr_Writer You've stretched a bit there, for example most PS3 owners didn't have PS2 back compat because it got removed fairly quickly.

But you made my point for me - prior to PS5, there are 6 PlayStation platforms - how many of them can I pop their disk in and play on my PS5? One.

TheDoomedGuy130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Way to make a big deal out of nothing. Why dont we wait until we know if there is back compat before spending $400-$500 on any device. Elementary stuff dude.

dbcoops130d ago

That's irrelevant, no issue is being taken with the asking its being taken with them not answering. I highly doubt Sony or any other console maker for that matter bases their decisions on moaning and groaning articles like this.

Mr_Writer85129d ago (Edited 129d ago )


It was still BC, same with PS5, it's BC by its very definition. Doesn't matter how many platforms its BC, being BC with one console is still BC.

The only PlayStation with no form of BC was PS4.

These are facts.

gintoki777129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

anybody against backwards compatibility is fine with getting robbed. there is no reason ps5 cant play ps1 discs through ps3 other than not caring about your legacy as a gaming company. ps now doesnt suffice. Trying to find modern ways to play old playstation games you own or would like to play again is super inconvenient unless you want to emulate.

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ApocalypseShadow130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

Correct black blades. We should let Sony answer in their own time when they are ready. Gamers gave Sony heat on saying nothing about PS5. End result is that it is the hottest property to get even if hard to find. They knew they weren't getting an answer.

Sony can lay it all down around GDC time frame or closer to release. It's still all the same. What is the price? What does it look like? Will they do concerts and location viewing? Is Sony doing 3D movies? Are they going to bring back Home for social gatherings? Will PSVR 2 have AR capabilities? Is it possible to have full body tracking with the HD camera and use your feet? These are questions we know they aren't going to answer right now. Asking is a futile attempt.

As for BC, it would be great. But not a deal breaker since both headsets play on PS5. PSVR wasn't abandoned like Kinect. Even PS Move works on PS5. And It's old. But these gamers want everything and the kitchen sink but then complain about the cost to have it. "Well, I want it to play everything and emulate games from other platforms." /S They should get a PC for that.

But if I were speculating, I wonder if it can be done through software? Basically the gamer places a virtual camera in a space in front of them, and that's where the virtual PS Camera will be tracking. The controllers can just be tracked by the sensors through software. Only thing though is that all the PSVR 1 games would only play in 180 degrees. Except for Iron Man. My true guess is that some games will just get updated. Will that be free for the consumer would be the next question like gamers question upgrade paths today.

Orchard130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

"'Well, I want it to play everything and emulate games from other platforms.' /S They should get a PC for that."

So gamers are no longer allowed to request features? We should just take whatever Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo throw at us? Okay then.

"As for BC, it would be great. But not a deal breaker since both headsets play on PS5"

It kind of is important though, otherwise someone who wants to experience the entire catalog is in for a VERY expensive set of purchases - substantially more than what they spent on their PS5. Also at some point, PSVR1 will stop being manufactured and will essentially become legacy, at which point, expect to see used units being sold at scalper prices on eBay.

I expect PSVR2 will support back compat though, there's no real reason why they couldn't.

ApocalypseShadow130d ago

Orchard, ask Microsoft when Starfield releases. The actual day. Ask Nintendo when Metroid Prime 4 comes out. The actual release date. Ask Sony when they still update PS5 with all new features. If you don't get any answers does that mean those companies are avoiding giving information? Or are they not ready to give it? Maybe it's strategic to give an answer when its time. Some gamers are too entitled and think they need to know something when they ask. You don't need to know squat until they decide you need to know.

When PS5 got all it's information released, some gamers didn't even understand what was said and spread lies. When they are ready and the information is accurate, they will tell you. Hope is that hard to understand? Press briefings are when they are ready.

It's like people were born yesterday.

Orchard129d ago (Edited 129d ago )

@ApocalypseShadow I asked Microsoft when Starfield is coming out, the exact day, and they answered:


🤷 Announced more than a year before release.

Anyway, people have the right to ask for whatever they want - we are the consumers who are ultimately paying for their product and funding them - and given their past record, back compat questions are 100% fair game when it comes to Sony. Same with DRM questions @ Microsoft, etc.

mkis007129d ago

Ok now go ask them when Fable and Avowed release!

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z2g130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

it sounds like ppl are wondering if it will play older games or if its at the mercy of games built specifically to support it - which is a perfectly valid question. They asked the same things about the ps5 and Series X consoles too before they were launched.

Word of advice - don't take stuff thats not about you personally.

ApocalypseShadow130d ago

Who's taking it seriously? Gamers are too entitled and think when they demand answers, companies need to give them that information. They don't owe you anything. When they are ready, you'll get a press briefing. But we get articles saying Sony's avoiding the question. They were never going to give the answer until is time. Just like PS5 when they were ready to say something.

Send an email to Sony and Disney and ask when the next Spider-Man releases at the theater. See if they tell you. Are they avoiding you?

1nsomniac130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

It’s the number 1 asked question 10:1 on the official blog. So no there is no stirring the pot at all. Sonys reps have always answered blog post questions yet they are refusing to answer this one.

From what I heard it’s not back compatible. Current PSVR games are developed/coded to work via external camera and blue light tracking. PSVR2 has neither of those things. So it’s not as simple as a quick patch. I have heard Sony were working on a workaround bypass however it wasn’t looking promising. That info is probably about a year old now so may well have changed. I really hope so as I have a big PSVR catalog and I can’t wait to get rid of my OG PSVR.

Since getting a PS5 I sold my PS4 but kept my OG PSVR. No matter what Sony claims, it’s not compatible with PS5. If I have to jump through hoops to get it to run and it doesn’t work with current controllers and old controllers need to be wired to console - that’s not compatible!

ApocalypseShadow129d ago

It doesn't really matter when both headsets work on PS5. Does PSVR work on PS5? Yes. It does.

What some gamers want is for Sony to make it do everything so that they can get rid of the old one.

"I want all the old games BC. I want all the old games upscaled and frame rate boosted. I want all the features right away because I can't wait. I want to know what games are coming even if CES is not a game show. There isn't enough space in my entertainment center for both."


If it does, great. If it doesn't, I still can play the old one on PS5 because I'm not selling it. We see this again and again.

I want it all(PS3 with all features). I just don't want to pay for it.(complains about. $500 and $600.

fr0sty130d ago

PR Reps at conventions and such are typically ill informed, and it's quite common for them to dodge questions their superiors didn't brief them on how to answer, if they don't end up giving the wrong answer entirely. I know this from first hand experience working with them at the 3 E3's I covered in 2006, 2007, and 2009.

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SoulWarrior130d ago

Saldy, I think the lack of needing the external camera tracking is going to prove problematic for BC, but I hope I'm wrong.

Neonridr130d ago

I mean technically that shouldn't be a problem. A camera is just a way to track positional placement in the VR space. Shouldn't matter if it's external or built into the headset. It's still sending the same information back. Having more cameras simply makes it more accurate.

Magog130d ago

Not at all. Have you played PSVR? There are prompts at the beginning of every game for tracking and calibrating the controllers. All of that would have to be altered and reprogrammed. That will require the games to be ported. There won't be any BC.

crazyCoconuts130d ago

Magog, I think Neon is right - those game specific calibrations should still work and serve the same purpose. Whether the system is getting the positions from an external or internal camera should be abstracted from the game. The system level configuration screens will obviously be different, but the games should be none the wiser.

Neonridr129d ago

@Magog - do you understand how VR works in general? Whether it's the Index using external positional trackers or the Quest 2 with its built in cameras it's still sending the same information back. Whether it's telling the game where your head is positioned or the controllers are, it doesn't matter which type of camera is being used. The data is still X, Y, Z at the end of the day. That should have no bearing on whether or not it's Move controllers or these new Dualsense 2 VR controllers. I'm not saying a bit of work won't have to be done since the inside out tracking will allow for more roomscale or non-forward facing experiences, but that's a different problem altogether.

Magog130d ago

It won't be BC because games are programmed around the screens and controllers of PSVR1 which are totally different. The most popular titles will probably get ports though.

Profchaos130d ago

Yeah agree I'm thinking we may see PS5 upgrade paths built around the new headset. But it's not a simple thing the games have to be rebuilt with new tracking and controllers in mind these are fundamental things to the whole experience and if they are not thoroughly tested they will break the entire game

Magog130d ago

Exactly. New hardware requires new code. It's as simple as that.

Joe913129d ago

Did they have to remake the Moss game or the Batman VR game to get to work on steam with other VR headsets that are closer to PSVR2? I don't think so they had to remap the controls just like taking a PS game like GOW and mapping the controls to be able to work with mouse and keyboard right? There are plenty of games like the SW Vader games that were made with other VR headsets but are now on PSVR. I remember when everyone was saying it was impossible for those games to come on PSVR but yet it is. They might have tweaked the resolution but they did not have to completely remake the game.

Mr_Writer85130d ago

Sony can easily trick the game. Or even put a patch in the PS5 FW that bypasses those screens.

It's not impossible.

Profchaos130d ago

As much as I would love to see my library of psvr games carry over I expect that it will be a string no to backwards compatibility.

The games are designed with two things that won't be present in psvr2 the controllers and they use a camera at all times for tracking everything. It's fundamental to the psvr games to use light tracking but that's no longer present.

The only games that might come across will be stuff that devs patch e.g Bethesda patch psvr2 support into Skyrim by releasing a native ps5 version built around that headset. But given a huge portion of psvr games are indie based and small studios I don't see it happening.

I just don't see them coming across which does suck but as look long as I can have my original headset and my new headset connected at the same time and hopefully a way to filter games better I'm ok with it.

crazyCoconuts130d ago

I'll place my bet on the opposite being true - almost everything (if not everything) on PSVR will work day one - light tracking vs. inside out tracking shouldn't be a problem. I hope they even come up with something clever to map the joystick to legacy move buttons on a game by game basis - that would be above expectations... I'm guessing having the existing library of PSVR games working out of the box is critical to their success

z2g130d ago (Edited 130d ago )

.considering it uses foveated rendering, older titles will probably need to be ported unless there's some way to turn the feature off and runs them spec'd down. Sony is notorious for getting itself in to proprietary painted corners tho. its why the only backwards compatible playstation games are ps4 games. it was the first playstation to not use some crazy weird architecture (like the ps3's cell processor for example)

crazyCoconuts130d ago

legacy psvr titles will already be running at much lower resolutions. foveated rendering can just be used for new titles - it doesn't restrict old titles from being run, right? BTW - PSVR has a type of "fixed" foveated rendering already - it uses a fish-eye kind of tranformation that reduces resolution on the periphery (obviously without eye tracking). it's one of the clever ways they were able to get VR working on base ps4 models

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