Developer Revealed for Upcoming South Park Video Game

We now know the developer that South Park Studios will be collaborating on for its latest South Park video game that is in development.

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monkey602138d ago

Sounds like it's completely unrelated to Stick of Truth and Fractured but whole though. Which were excellent games in fairness.

OtterX138d ago (Edited 138d ago )

I always thought that there should a follow up to Fractured But Whole, titled "Into the Glory Whole Again", or simply "Into the Glory Whole". :)

sourOG138d ago

I didn’t remember the studio until I saw the blackout club. Then I remembered it was the director from bioshock 2. I wish them the best, 3D South Park seems very difficult pull of. The last 2 games being 2d is why it worked so well. Other 3D SP games have been pretty ass tbh.

Fntastic138d ago

Simpsons Hit and Run / GTA style would be interesting.. i know people crap on the first game and it got mixed reviews on release but I kind of liked it just for the online multiplayer for the PC version, only 8 players but it was damn funny. The size of the levels was well suited for that many players too.

CrimsonWing69138d ago

Hope it’s better than the fractured butthole. Stick of Truth was extremely hilarious and didn’t water down the humor in the slightest. The other felt tame and honestly wasn’t that funny to me.

TheRealTedCruz138d ago

It's hard to follow Obsidian when they're actually just left to do their thing with enough time and budget.

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