Microsoft Confirms No Plans To Remove Or Disable Dev Mode On Xbox

As part of a regularly scheduled maintenance to clean up inactive accounts, a number of Partner Center accounts used to enable Developer Mode on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles were inadvertently deactivated causing speculation that the feature was being removed.

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Orchard930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Good. I will one day buy a Series S for emulation / dev mode.

If they were to pull it, I’m out. Don’t do a Sony with Other OS…

ColtPSSX930d ago

Why would you be out?
Isn’t the games/gamepass the reason for buying the series s

Orchard930d ago

I play on PS5 primarily and PC secondarily (for RTS and a few FPS/PC only games like Ready or Not).

So for me the reason to buy an S would be for emulation - I enjoy going back and playing PS1, PS2, GameCube etc.

Eidolon930d ago

That's generally why you buy a console for games, but you're going to have entitled consumers thinking they're getting shafted because they can't play their emulated 90s and aught games on a 2020 console on software that was ported from decade+ old code and widely supported on 100s of platforms.

Eidolon930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

You have a PC and there are several consoles and mini form computers that can emulate those consoles, cheaper. Hopefully you're buying it for Xbox games too..

dbcoops930d ago

"95+% of console gamers probably don’t even know how to setup dev mode, FTP client and server, and retroarch."

95+% didn't use other OS either so there was nothing wrong with Sony, "doing a Sony" after all.

Eidolon930d ago

I thought they removed it because it invited pirating, Idk why they're giving Sony shit for it, if that was the case. Again, entitlement, the majority of the people up in arms about it probably have never used Linux and even a higher majority probably have never used Other OS.

Orchard930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

@dbcoops Reading comprehension is hard, huh?

Where did I say tons knew about OtherOS? What I said was, dev mode is not the primary reason people buy a Xbox consoles, similarly, OtherOS was not the primary reason most people bought a PS3.

@Eidolon The key difference w/ OtherOS is they actually advertised it... and then yanked it. Microsoft didn't officially advertise emulation (or devmode) as a feature of the Xbox. It's not about being entitled, it's about getting what was advertised when you purchased the box.

Muigi930d ago

I wish I was smart enough to be a PC gamer…darn.

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CaptainHenry916930d ago

"Good. I will one day buy a Series S for emulation / dev mode."

You know you can do all that with a PC. I've been doing that for years

Orchard930d ago

I want to do it sitting on a couch, on my big TV, without much setup or having to use keyboards and mice etc. Far easier to do that on a console.

CaptainHenry916930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

My secret lab gaming chair is very comfortable too. Sometimes I fall asleep lol. Still can't believe I spend $300 dollars for a chair 🤦‍♂️

Orchard930d ago

@CaptainHenry Some people don’t wanna spend hours at a desk, gaming chair or not. Or prefer to sit in their living room, on their couch, with friends and family.

It’s one of the main benefits of console gaming.

isarai930d ago

So you're gonna pay up $300 + tax to emulate games you can already emulate on your readily available PC.....seems legit

Orchard930d ago

See above, I want to play on my couch, without the hassle of setting up a PC, using mice and keyboards etc. Far easier on console.

isarai930d ago

You can literally get prefab emulator machines online, or build one yourself very easily with a raspberry pi for less than $100. I did

metalgod88930d ago

Why you gotta be difficult and try to emulate on consoles when emulation is native on PC?

Orchard930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

Not everyone wants to sit at a desk using a PC. Console is far easier and more comfortable.

"emulation is native on PC"
That's quite an oxymoron there :P

Amplitude930d ago

Buying a series s to emulate retro games is nuts lmao there are WAY better, cheaper and easier ways of playing ps2 games man

Orchard930d ago

Are there? I can't think of an easier way aside from playing on an actual PS2 - and that isn't cheap.

dbcoops930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

"Reading comprehension is hard, huh?"

No I comprehend just fine, you definitely seem to struggle commenting without the rude insults though but you continue to get away with it so I understand why you do it..

Here I go again having to quote someones own comment apparently,

THIS is what you said, "Don’t do a Sony with Other OS…"

Its clear that was a slight at Sony for removing the feature. Then you claimed,

"95+% of console gamers probably don’t even know how to setup dev mode"

I'm simply pointing out that Sony did nothing wrong by removing other OS when 95+ percent of people probably never used it. Rather they "advertised" it or not is a weak excuse, they had every right to remove something by your own admission no one was really using and was taking up needed space and potential resources.

Orchard930d ago

It wasn’t removed due to space or resources - it used basically nothing unless you chose to use it. It was removed due to piracy.

Again though, my comment is correct - most people didn’t buy a PS3 for otherOS just like most people don’t buy an Xbox for dev mode.

Did I like otherOS? Yes, linux on PS3 was pretty cool. And it was advertised as a key feature to appeal to people like me.

Anyway, it looks like devmode is here to stay, so there’s nothing else to discuss here.

TheDibbler929d ago

Sony removing a feature they advertised was wrong without some level of compensation as it is false advertising. It doesn’t matter if people didn’t use it. Just like it would be wrong if Microsoft removed the dev mode feature that people have paid for.

dbcoops930d ago (Edited 930d ago )

"It was removed due to piracy."

That's an even more valid reason to remove it then

"Again though, my comment is correct - most people didn’t buy a PS3 for otherOS just like most people don’t buy an Xbox for dev mode"

I get that you feel the need to be correct but that literally has ZERO to do with why I replied to your comment and ZERO to do with your original comment I replead to as that was not part of what you originally said. I dont disagree with that assessment but that's a separate issue, this was about the slight for the actions of one while making an excuse for the other.

"Anyway, it looks like devmode is here to stay,"

For now, with 5% or less knowing how to set it up MS might eventually realize its unnecessary. Agreed there is nothing else to discuss here.

Atom666930d ago

A lot of people concerned about what's in your pockets...

I'm with you though. I'd like to tinker with a series S and put it into an arcade cab in the future. You're going to struggle right now to find comparable hardware at that $299 price point, and it would be a cool project.

I use my Shield or Vita right now for my gameroom emulation. They do most things Gen 5 and prior very well (Saturn is still a PITA) but Gen 6 stuff is a struggle.

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Gamer79930d ago

Looks like people were just jumping to conclusions as usual.

343_Guilty_Spark930d ago

I like my PS1 and. N64 games