Genshin Impact Characters Censored To Appease CCP

A new wave of Genshin Impact censorship has led to Mihoyo changing the default outfits for four of the game's characters in China.

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Kaii140d ago

When China bans Winnie the Pooh, what else could you expect? lol
Countries that appease this regime for the sake of "doing business" will backfire 1 day.

blackblades140d ago

Lol they banned Winnie the Pooh, China is just the worse with all the crap we heard about them over a year.

PapaBop140d ago

Ironic they are doing this with Genshin when you see some of the outfits they have on Honkai

Lionsguard140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

It only affects the China servers but this does pose a question of pre-censored characters in the future, I mean it's already happened with Shenhe. If Mihoyo was smart, they'd do everything in their power to completely move the company to Singapore but I highly doubt that'll happen. The CCP will do every sleazy thing in their power to keep that money flowing into their coffers.

annoyedgamer140d ago

They do the same for the USSA.

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