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CCG writes - "The game puts you in the shoes of Len, an 80-year-old retiree in Worcester, Massachusetts. Len stumbled across an ad for a volleyball league and despite the weird twist everyone plays naked, he decided "why not, let's give it try." With this, a strange adventure involving old men playing volleyball naked, worrying about mundane things in life, lots of calls for macaroni salad, and a perfect storm of weird meets mundane begins."

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darklaw143d ago

Ok this is so absurd its awesome. Very good laugh this morning.

TheColbertinator143d ago

Impressed that site took it upon themselves to review this.

GethN7142d ago

My boss thought it would be hilarious to assign me the review key blind. I admit, after the initial "WAT?" reaction, it was a funny troll. Pretty amusing game too.