Dead by Daylight Removes Leatherface Masks Due to Reports of Racial Abuse

The developers of Dead by Daylight are removing Leatherface's trademark ability to wear masks of other characters.

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bestofyou141d ago

Seriously a Serial Murderer and you are worried it's racist because of the skin colors? WTF SMH

CantThinkOfAUsername140d ago

It's not the skin colors but rather racist players are using them to harass other players. Dumb shit like "hehe I only kill blacks and have the mask to prove it."

bestofyou140d ago

So people playing a horror game with people being killed and tortured, are complaining about someone they can mute? smh so many people are getting too soft.

TallDarknWavy140d ago

This just in, we're now banning black people playing Call of Duty and all black characters so the 11 year olds won't scream the N word anymore while playing, just so everyone can feel better about less racist language being used during online play, it hurts the feelings of virtue signalling ass hats.

See how this logic goes?

140d ago
Rachel_Alucard140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

At least they removed the whole thing rather then just play favorites. There was nothing stopping these same people from wearing the white guys face and targeting whites as well. Pretty dumb just because racists exist and exploit certain systems, suddenly makes the whole thing racist. Dude runs around wearing the flesh of his victims, and the first thought these people have is black face. I guess these people aren't just playing as victims in game but in real life.

Deathdeliverer140d ago

It amazes me how the mind of a racist works. Do you sit around and think of other races? When it comes time to name your character, clan tag, voice chat, whatever…. Is it a constant battle of how can I make this offensive? I couldn’t imagine living with so much negative energy.

Ninver140d ago

You'd be surprised the lengths people go to achieve a goal.

My_Name_is_Earl140d ago

How does this have more disagrees than agrees? Gaming truly is a cesspit of racists and and misogynists isn't it?

Deathdeliverer140d ago

Sure seems that way huh Earl?

140d ago
My_Name_is_Earl140d ago

Ah. So racism is only a thing because people don't react well to it?

140d ago
My_Name_is_Earl140d ago

So when I was playing SoT and voted in the brig and called monkey and the N word for example that wasn't real racism right? I shouldn't have reported those guys huh?

Thank you so much for the education! I'd no idea gaming racism was fake and not hurtful. I should wait til what, I'm called the n word irl if I want to complain about racism yeah?

140d ago
Elda140d ago

Agreed. I see it everyday with some of the comments on this site.

140d ago
My_Name_is_Earl140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Maybe you're right DJ. Maybe those kids voted me in the brig and made monkey noises at me and called me the N word because they thought we were friends.
Now I wish I hadn't taken a video and gotten them banned! They were just being friendly!

If only I wasn't so darn sensitive. Racism wouldn't exist if I didn't let it bother me even though all I did was exist in the same game they were playing in when they decided to vtw me in the brig. Somehow I manifested that whole situation right?

Don't lecture me about my experience asshat.. You're angry at the fact that racists were punished, I do not need life lessons from the likes of you.

ChubbyBlade139d ago

The world is. It’s best to learn to deal with it until racist people die off. It’s going to be a long time until that happens but this is just silly.

The solution is to remove poc features from a game because some racist morons are saying dumb things?

Should GTA remove POC if some morons run around only killing them?

This is just so stupid. Just report the player or mute them.

OneLove139d ago

DJ you're a small brain if you can't tell the difference in one's intentions when saying something. You clearly know nothing to make a response like this.

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DarXyde140d ago

Ever play Resident Evil: Outbreak on PS2 when the servers were up? That was ugly, but it was all in the form of chat.

Honestly, I would say that the developers were not obligated to do anything about this. Some people are just hateful and it fascinates me to no end that people can channel their creative sides into something like... this. The developers could have really kept it simple and said "we don't like you, kill yourselves". Depeche Mode more or less did that when the alt right wanted to make their music the official music of the movement.

Anyway, you're not going to make people less racist by punishing everyone for the stupidity of a handful. Freedom of expression and all that, even if you strongly disagree.

Christopher139d ago

What's amazing here is that Deathdeliverer's comment is only about racists, not gamers in general, and yet a high number of people disagree to defend the racists.

Elda139d ago

It goes to show you the mindset including the class of some of the individuals that are members of this site.

Deathdeliverer139d ago


Glad I’m not the only one that noticed that. The defense force came out in full effect.

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