Activision files lawsuit against cheat provider

From "The Call of Duty publisher is seeking "exemplary and punitive damages" against EngineOwning"

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kikicub131d ago

I don't like Activision at all and don't play any of their games. But on this one they are right. Cheaters ruin multiplayer.

Knightofelemia131d ago

If you have to pay 5 Euros to 149 Euros to cheat in a game it shows you have no skill and you suck at online games. Going that extreme to cheat in a video game you may as well just write sucker or loser on your forehead. I don't like Activision but I am rooting for them on this lawsuit.

kikicub130d ago

Some people just have to compensate somehow. You know, tiny little Johnsons and all.


130d ago