PlayStation VR2 Launch Targeted for End of 2022; Mix of AAA & Social Games Planned

Sony is targeting the PlayStation VR2 launch towards the end of 2022 providing there are no supply chain issues. Mix of AAA & social games planned.

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Neonridr143d ago

so basically expect early 2023 then :P

Gamer79142d ago

No it'll definitely be this year.

camel_toad142d ago (Edited 142d ago )

I'm wondering if RE8 is planned for it. It's the only decent reason I can think of that they didn't release a PSVR1 and PC VR version.

CrimsonWing69142d ago

Yea this is what I’m thinking or at least hoping for.

SullysCigar142d ago

It was strongly rumoured and formal acknowledgement of the possibility of RE8 VR was postponed "until Sony is ready".

Sounds pretty promising for launch!

Eidolon142d ago

I'm still gonna pre-order it no hesitation this time. I don't think it will be as scalped as the PS5, though, but not going to take chances.

Neonridr142d ago

oh I'll be first in line when preorders drop. I'm just tempering my expectations. They are basically saying if everything goes right then expect Holiday 2022. And if we've learned anything from covid, it's that you don't expect anything on time.

Rimeskeem143d ago

It would be cool if they brought back PS Home with VR.

Rimeskeem142d ago

Would also be a great free thing to have. Kinda like how Wii had Wii Sports. Giving PSVR2 something for free that let's you find friends who also have VR would be a grand slam imo.

OtterX142d ago

With PS5 load times, that would make the transitions between areas soo fast, which was the biggest issue with the original PS Home!

darthv72142d ago

Just imagine the bowling alley in vr. Feeling the weight of the ball in your hands. Looking around the room while waiting to take your throw. And the sound in 3d audio.... man I hope home comes back.

fr0sty142d ago

There's no way you'll "feel the weight of the ball in your hands"... PSVR2 can't control gravity.

Rimeskeem141d ago


It won't be able to control gravity but the haptic feedback can make it so you have to hold the button down harder which can be perceived as a weightier object.

darthv72142d ago

I was thinking the same thing. Home was cool. VR would make it even better.

ps360owner09142d ago

So the original PSVR sold 6 million and has an attach rate of 5 percent. If PSVR2 does not take off quickly I expect Sony will drop support for it fast like they did with the PS Vita.

It's a waste of time to dump money and resources into this when they can't currently make enough PS5's and PSVR2 is a niche product that will never come close to the lifetime sales of any Sony home console.

Gamer79142d ago

You clearly know nothing about psvr.

ps360owner09142d ago


I know the original sold poorly and Sony's first tier developers smartly avoided it like the plague.

Rimeskeem142d ago

PSVR2 doesn't need the same equipment a PS5 needs. Thus it won't effect PS5 production. Why not make PSVR2 headset that works with the new console so when people can get their hands on a PS5 they have a choice to delve into VR without trying to build a capable PC in the current market. If the entry point to high end VR is under 1K and you get a console with it I don't know why they wouldn't keep going.

Gamer79142d ago

Like I said, you clearly know nothing.

GameZenith142d ago

I mean is he wrong in stating that original PSVR did not have wild runaway sales?

Look, PS5VR is going to be good tech but the casual audience doesn't want VR. This will appeal to a smaller niche audience and not going to be some industry changing thing.

ApocalypseShadow142d ago

Game zenith, it doesn't have to sell to Grandma Flores and Uncle Joe like Wii. We seen what happened to Wii. It's dead for becoming a fad to the casuals.

PS Move wasn't a fad. It's over 10 years old and worked on PS4 with VR and works on PS5. Now that's stamina. PSVR was higher priced than the console but sold at profit day one. VR game sales is just extra gravy in Sony's pocket. And that was 600 games and experiences. Nothing to sneeze at.

PSVR2 is not an experiment. It's Sony going all in. Even if it doesn't sell 1 to 1 with PS5, Sony's idea is to expand VR and profit without loss like PS3. And show gamers what VR potential can really be on PS5. Would it be nice to have Aunt Betty play too? Sure. But Sony seems to concentrate on people that matter. That's core PlayStation gamers that don't run off to play cellphone games like Candy Crush.

slayernz142d ago

a lot of mates and myself held off psvr the previous gen as the quality wasnt amazing, we are all in for psvr2 tho, day 1.....there will be stacks of people in the same boat, it will do way better sales wise than V1

ibrake4naps142d ago

They should've released it already, as it is a factor for consideration in buying a PS5 over it's competition

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Lore142d ago

Social games…. PS Home?

Futureshark142d ago

Port begging request for Half LIfe: Alyx please!

SullysCigar142d ago

From one filthy port begger to another: well said!

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