Are PlayStation VR2's features and specs good enough for 2022?

Sony has confirmed the specs for its PlayStation VR2 headset and PlayStation Sense controller, but are the features good enough?

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Jin_Sakai141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I’d say definitely. The FOV could be a little better but HDR should be amazing in VR. There’s no need for external camera anymore since the headset has 4 cameras and an IR camera for eye tracking which is nice. And there’s only one cord to deal with. The controllers are also look pretty awesome!

SlappingOysters141d ago

The res and FOV are down on current top VR headsets. And could be way down if this doesn't get released till 2023. Especially if top headsets go wireless with Wi Fi 6e.

But the headset feedback sounds awesome. And eye tracking and Sense controller with Sony exclusives could be a game changer.

Eonjay141d ago

The specs of this headset, the screen itself and its features are pretty much top end or even brand new. The two most popular headsets are Quest 2 and PSVR. This obviously destroys them. The panel is a 120Hz 4K OLED screen with HDR. Its gonna do just fine. The FOV is industry standard right now. so nothing to worry about there. I think the haptics and feedback are whats gonna be the biggest game changer.

purple101141d ago

"The res and FOV are down on current top VR headsets"

only the HTC VIVE PRO beats it, and that's £1098 from overclockers.

sagapo140d ago

@Eonjay: since when is 2000x2040 4k??
But yeah, it’s a nice piece of tech, true.

Rimeskeem140d ago

Seems way above average according to this comparison site.

specialguest140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

The HP reverb g2 has been out for more than a year and it has 2,160x2,160-per-eye. It's the best screen for PC VR under $1000. It's far superior to quest 2, Vive Index, and HTC vive pro. The cost is $445 now. Besides the resolution, the PSVR2 blows it away on all other specs.

If we go stupid highend there's a few more VR headsets that have crazy specs. The Varjo has micro-led display with 2880 x 2720 px per eye. It's not in the same tier due to price

SlappingOysters140d ago

Not sure popularity had anything to do with it. We're talking about where the spec expectations for VR will be in a year from now. The Oculus Quest is the Switch of VR. It's great with an awesome use case, but underpowered. As for PSVR it was not popular - I think 6m units in total in five years? Although I loved it.

bouzebbal140d ago

It’s the games that make a difference.. people are still stuck with numbers…

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darthv72141d ago

I think the specs sound good. And thinking of the Avatar Pandora game coming and hoping it gets vr mode with all that color in hdr will be sweet.

The no external camera is a big plus.

Michiel1989140d ago

its ubisoft who publishes the game, dont get your hopes up. Theyll probably put VR NFT's or something in it, or at least try to.

ibrake4naps140d ago

Maybe. They put stereoscopic 3d in the last one!

Tacoboto141d ago

OLED, massive resolution jump over V1, haptics in the headset and controllers, inside-out tracking, foveated rendering. That sounds like a generational leap especially for something that has to be, first and foremost, affordable.

PC VR may have gone in a different direction had Vive thought about that instead of spending years making an expensive product even more expensive

fr0sty141d ago

Foveated rendering will enable graphics in-game that couldn't ever be pulled off on similar hardware without it (for those that don't know what it is, it tracks where your eyes are looking, and dynamically lowers the resolution in all areas of the image except where the center of your vision is focused, because the edges of your vision are naturally blurry anyway). Above 4K resolution (they say 4k, but it's actually above UHD 4K resolution) and HDR OLED is fantastic, and the controller with individual finger tracking, haptic feedback in both the controllers and headset, and PS5's built-in 3D audio are going to keep it contending even with the top of the line headsets that cost twice as much.

DarXyde141d ago

I would be interested in seeing if the inverse of typical gaming industry theory applied to VR. With consoles, people have historically never really cared which hardware was the most powerful. That may still hold where PSVR2 can be outdone in no time but PSVR2 is the favorite (other factors such as price, value, attachment to the PS5, etc.). On the other hand, VR is something that depends on high end tech for feasibility, so if people are willing to invest in what is needed for a strong foundational VR experience, would those people who are more likely to adopt VR then also spring for better headsets? Maybe. I can also see PSVR2 being a good entry point for people. Interested to see which way it all goes, but Oculus is a tough competitor, especially given their status as part of Facebook/Meta.

That all said, the specs will certainly be enough. We don't know much about it, but from what we do know, it pairs well with PS5 and its features. Not at all worried about quality of content either: this is PlayStation.

How it performs relative to competition, in my view, is a function of price-to-performance and software (i.e., I don't see performance on its own being the deciding factor, regardless of price).

883140d ago

FOVEATED RENDERING!! This alone is a HUGE deal.

CrimsonIdol140d ago

eye tracking combined with DOF effects and using that for the foveated rendering would be an absolute game changer as far as I'm concerned. One of those things I've been waiting on for years with VR and it's annoyed me that none of the big names seem to be broadly adopting eye tracking as standard for this reason. Better performance and more immersive at the same time. I'm excited at the prospect that Sony is pushing it.

BenRC01140d ago

They cant make enough ps5s, there's no way they're releasing this till production is back at full speed and the chip shortage is reported to last till 2023. No pics, too few ps5s in the wild and and a single 20sec clip mean this thing is years off.

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waverider141d ago

From the PSVR to the PSVR 2 i think the jump is huge and now the big question is the price. That will be crucial and support.

DaleCooper141d ago

Yeah, specs look good to me. My only worry is the price point.

Exvalos140d ago

They will keep it at 499.99

blackblades140d ago

It sounds like a console, knowing Sony they wont price it above ps5. I say $299 to $399

yeahokwhatever140d ago

availability. people still cant get PS5 consoles easily. Getting a PSVR2 is going to be IMPOSSIBLE.

waverider140d ago

Let´s hope that next holiday the chip problems is over. That Taiwan doesnt have any problems and China leaves them alone. And that Covid is under control.

Marcello141d ago

2k per eye OLED is great for now. Need to know more about the foveated thou, 30%? 40% maybe 50%?? this is the real question.

Eonjay141d ago

Foveated is a type of rendering that increases the resolution where the the pupils are looking. I'm not sure what the question is, this just makes the visuals better than they could be if everything, including what you can't see, is rendered at full res. Also, just because the headset supports this doesn't mean its going to be used in every title. This is probably really only useful in titles trying to get True Next Gen graphics in a headset.

Marcello141d ago

No foveated lowers the resolution around the edge thus upping the fps but by how much is what i am talking about.

Eonjay140d ago

We are saying the same thing. I just have a positive connotation and you have a negative one. But the drop off isn't linear like what you are suggesting. You aren't supposed to notice it by virtue of what foveated rendering is. And I hope that is really the case.

Marcello140d ago (Edited 140d ago )

Yea same thing. Where you focus is upped, when you look away it lowers.

Magog141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

The screen on PSVR 1 was actually a lot better than people realize but was held back by the GPU of the PS4. The PS5 upgrade of No Man's Sky shows how good even the PSVR1 can look.

The HDR OLED screen of PSVR2 is much better than the LCDs of the Vive and Oculus as well.

VenomUK141d ago (Edited 141d ago )

I didn't know that the PS5 version was improved over PS4 Pro! My first flight with PSVR was exhilarating, I'd love to play a native PSVR2 version.

Magog141d ago

I think given the support NMS has seen from its creators a native version is likely already in the works.

HICK140d ago

Glad to see someone who knows this information.

Rhythmattic140d ago

If theres no tricks... I see it... I did notice the difference between PSVR games on PS4 Og vs upgrading to a PS4 Pro, But to see the difference with a Pro Vs PS5 comp on YT..... Again... If not a trick, I can really imagine the benefits....... and that's just PSVR1

Magog140d ago

It's not a trick... You can literally watch him move from the PS4-Pro attached headset to the PS5 headset.

FyBy141d ago

Maybe FOV could be little wider but it has double the resolution and hdr. These will be key features.

SlappingOysters140d ago

Double what? It's res is well under Vive Pro 2 and HP Reverb G2 and Varjo Aero