New Narrative Director for Battlefield Planning to Fix BF2042; Says Willingness There, But Not Easy

Battlefield franchise new Head of Narrative says willingess, talent there to make Battlefield 2042 better, but it'll take time and it's not an easy job.

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LordoftheCritics142d ago

So in 2 years it should be ready I think.

That seems ok. I'll pick it up for 5 bucks when its ready.

excaliburps142d ago

That's the good thing. Like, it'll be discounted heavily by the time it's all sorted out. Sucks this is what we have though.

Nitrowolf2142d ago

It’ll also be dead and ready just in time for the next battlefield game for to see a boost in players

LordoftheCritics142d ago

I feel like I've seen this movie before.

pr33k33142d ago

maybe dont ship it until it's ready?

Vengeance1138142d ago

I think BF as a franchise is pretty dead in the water at this point. Even more so after the next iteration comes out which was confirmed to be a Hero Shooter ala Overwatch / Apex / Rainbow Six Siege.

annoyedgamer142d ago

Another EA property bites the dust.

Edubencz1142d ago

they should sell BF Portal separately, at a cheap price... it was the only portion of BF2042 I found interesting....

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The story is too old to be commented.