Death Stranding Director's Cut Is Coming to PC; Steam Page Now Up

Kojima Productions has confirmed that Death Stranding Director's Cut is coming to PC, with a release window targeted for Spring 2022.

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RaidenBlack136d ago

The recent Intel XeSS 'exclusive' integration leak is the worrying part.
Many are speculating the DC edition might feature XeSS exclusively instead of DLSS like in the base PC game.

Tacoboto136d ago

I wonder too about upgrades for the PC base-game owners, that has to be something they'll allow. Anything could happen I guess but it would be the weirdest thing to have a worse looking/running definitive edition, unless Intel somehow steals the show on a v1 AI upscaler

Orchard136d ago

God, I really hope we aren't about to enter an era of exclusivity by IHV for certain graphics features available on all IHV's (again)... especially if it's exclusivity to Intel... who wants an Intel GPU.

annoyedgamer135d ago

I'll take the GPU if its good. Competition is a good thing.

Orchard135d ago

Sure, if it’s comparable in terms of performance and features and at a better price.

It’s just historically intel GPUs have been dreadful and very poorly supported by developers - I would love to be proved wrong though because as you said, competition is good - look how bad the CPU stagnation got when Intel had no competition.

Still, I hope we don’t get to a situation where you need 3 GPUs if you want to use feature X on all your games.

FinalFantasyFanatic135d ago

More competition is always a good thing, I'm not really satisfied having just Nvidia and AMD in the GPU market (AMD seems to struggle to compete with Nvidia's high end cards), at least AMD vs Intel has given us really good CPUs from both sides in the past 4 or 5 years.

IamTylerDurden1136d ago

I figured PC would get the DC additions in a patch perhaps. Interesting. Nice QoL and some neat content in the DC. The game is so expansive it's difficult to immediately notice it though. Still worth the $10 imo. Plus, technical improvements, haptics, etc.

1nsomniac135d ago

Surely this is going to be a free upgrade on PC. No one in their right mind is going to pay for a patch. It was a car crash to begin with I can’t imagine they would want any more bad publicity. But then knowing Kojima I wouldn’t put it past him.

ANIALATOR136135d ago

Will this one have ray tracing?

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