She Will Punish Them Gameplay - Massive Difference Against original 2020 release

CG writes: We take a look at the latest build from L2 Game’s action adult themed game for PC via Steam in our She Will Punish Them gameplay video. In this latest build the team added better lighting throughout the game’s levels which gives it a far more atmospheric appearance. We like what they have done. In addition, they also added lots of other bits-and-bobs since we last looked at the game quite some time ago. The game is doing very well on Steam as the developer has managed to employ more staff. It currently has over 15,000 very positive reviews which for an indie game like this is quite impressive. The game running 4K using an RTX 3090. Be warned though, She Will Punish Them is marked as mature as it does contain some unclothed characters in customization. It is quite possible to ignore all of that though. Make sure you look at the April 2020 original release video to see how the game looked (and played) back then. L2 Games has done wonderfully so far and keep on updating the title which remains in Early Access for now.

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