PlayStation Now games for January 2022: Mortal Kombat 11, Final Fantasy XII, Fury Unleashed

Unturned, Super Time Force Ultra, and Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition also launch tomorrow.

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TheRealTedCruz144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

I have all of these games simply through bundle sales or Gamepass. Outside of Unturned, which isn't my thing, and Super Time Force, which I'll be giving a go.

That said, this is an actually great month for PS Now. MK11 is great, FF12, in my opinion, is the best in the series; and despite its somewhat cheap cover impression, Fury Unleashed is a great time, and really addictive.

CaptainHenry916144d ago (Edited 144d ago )


I own them and have them on gamepass as well. I just realized Kerbal Space Program was on gamepass

Eidolon144d ago

That's not owning..... Simply stating that it's unlikely that he bought these games separately. Maybe through a bundle, though, but still. He would be in the minority.

TheRealTedCruz144d ago


And nobody owns these games through PS Now.
Wake up to the world we live in. People love subscriptions. The point is that this is a good lineup, but nothing people haven't been offered through different avenues.

"Owning" means almost nothing in today's media.

Unless you're on PC and use emulation, you don't own anything forever. Even physical media dies with the hardware, or the disc itself.

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Elda144d ago

I already own those old games FFXII,MK11 & STFU.

Hawk198666144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Very mediocre

Eonjay144d ago

No these are actually good games.

Traecy144d ago

Six old titles join the line up.

Lexreborn2144d ago

ah nice! The downplays are strong in the comments on "I already own this or that!" as if your personal purchases equate to everyone else. How many people already had Red Dead 2 on xbox by the time it hit gamepass? How many people already owned Scarlet Nexus, Mortal Shell, Dragon Quest 11, One Piece Pirate warriors 4, Nier Automata, Shadow of War, the entire bethesda collection?

The amount of day 1 titles is still marginal on gamepass compared to old titles but it gets a couple day 1's which have been average titles at best and it's "The Greatest VALUE". PS Now get's the games and it's just same old same old....

Always nice to see the explicit Bias of people in these comments.

MrBaskerville144d ago

No matter what they add, Psnow will always suck. Despite being the home of several well regarded ps exclusives and both Nioh games. Probably wouldn't hurt with some newer stuff, but they've had day one releases on ps+ every month last year, so perhaps it's coming when they relaunch.

Lexreborn2144d ago

Imagine having ps+ and now, getting Persona 5 strikers, MK11, Dirt 5, deep rock galaxy, final fantasy 12 plus several other games and saying it sucks.

MrBaskerville144d ago

Seems to be something they can't shake off without a rebrand, psnow has been decent for years.

TheRealTedCruz144d ago


And let me know when they actually do that. I got a PS4 Pro when the PS5 was just around the corner.
I bought a year of PS Now, expecting a bunch of great content, and found little.

Hopefully this new competitor to Gamepass changes that.

Gamer79144d ago

You complain of bias at the end of you're completely biased comment.

Lexreborn2144d ago

There’s absolutely nothing bias about what I said. Again the bias comes from people who trash one service for one thing but in the same breath praise the other for doing the exact same thing…. Gamepass just announced a near identical drop and people on that post are going “OH YEAH! Mass effect!”

The games are already ON gamepass and this is just the legendary edition and people are loving it so much.

And the funny thing… y’all don’t see the bias.

MrBaskerville144d ago

There's a lot of stuff on there that'll never come to gamepass, like Nioh 1-2, God of War, Days Gone, Horizon, Last of Us 2, Bloodborne and so forth.

Personally I bought a month to play Red dead 2 and Judgment and ended up playing several hours of Slay the Spire, Dirt Rally and Frostpunk. There's like 2-300 ps4 titles, it should be possible to find a handful of games worth playing.

TheRealTedCruz143d ago

Okay, and ...

I got many games, day one, on Gamepass I would have purchased at retail cost.

I got PS Now at the end of the PS4s lifecycle, and the games it offered me could be had for peanuts at that point. Quality games or no.

There's a reason they advertised the hell out of Last of Us 2 being on Now for months. It was the first time they could even say "hey, we're kind of doing what Gamepass is", and that only happened because actual sales of the game pretty much stagnated after the initial release.

MrBaskerville143d ago (Edited 143d ago )

Guess it depends. Someone who never owned a ps could probably find great value, depending on their taste. And gamepass isn't available on ps. so not really an option for people without xbox or pc. I think it's fairly easy to find good games on there.

Depends on what you want from a service. I'm not looking for something to replace game purchases, I just view it as a cheap way to try a ton of games.

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