10 Best Video Game Podcasts for 2022

COG: Podcasts are an important way we get information, opinion and entertainment and here's a list of 10 great ones focused on games.

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blackblades144d ago (Edited 144d ago )

Lol gaming podcast now that's a waste of time. Definitely those you tube crap, certain ones say the same thing, new xbox exclusive oh new PlayStation rumor and exclusive every single video like STFU.

Si-Fly144d ago

Fire Escape, Giant Bomb and No Clip are great listens. I don’t use them for gaming news but a podcast is great company on my commute, sure beats radio:

GhostofHorizon144d ago

How do you feel about Giant Bomb since the split? The podcast kinda became unbearable for me. I can't even tell if those guys like games anymore, half the time they go on tangents about food and alcohol and the other half is filled with Jeff being pessimistic about games.

Ninver144d ago

Hahaha I agree. Provide concrete information or stfu!

Lord_Sloth143d ago

The problem is, unless they have friends and connections in the industry then that's all there is for them is rumors and speculation. I run a gaming podcast with my brother and digging up information is difficult at times. We do discuss rumors and we state that it's a rumor and nothing more for now.

seanhorton144d ago

I have seen some kids enjoy it on youtube, but its an embarrassing thing to listen

H9144d ago

The only podcast that I feel is worth spending time on is Tripleclick, mainly for Jason Schreier's sudden industry insights

GhostofHorizon144d ago

I've been enjoying Sacred Symbols. They are a Playstation focused podcast but they just do news really well and actually have a level headed discussion about everything Playstation without being fanboys about it.

Don't listen to anything on this list though.

Rebel_Scum144d ago

lol about what you said about Jeff G hating games. Bakalar is the same except about everything except hockey. Nextlander is more interesting but I listen to bits of both.

GhostofHorizon143d ago

I do catch Nextlanders each week. I'm not always into the same games as them but they are interesting to listen to at the very least.

joaovictorop144d ago

Sacred Symblos from Colin Moriarty is one of the greatest podcast about games!

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